/ Something in the throat, or Causes of coma

Something hinders in the throat, or Causes of coma

"Something hinders in the throat", - with such complaintspatients often turn to their doctors. It should be noted that such a phenomenon can arise as a result of various deviations in the human body, including psychological ones. So, let's figure out together what causes can contribute to the fact that the patient constantly senses that something in his throat hinders him.

prevents something in the throat

Stressful situations

The lump in the throat, which interferes with the normal way of life,often occurs due to nervous shocks or emotional breakdown. If such a phenomenon does not disappear for a long time, it is better to seek counseling from a psychologist.

Diseases of the digestive tract

If you are hampered by something in your throat after youtake food, this indicates the presence of diseases of the digestive system. To confirm this assumption, it is recommended to consult a gastroenterologist. As a rule, with timely and correct treatment such a symptom should soon disappear.

Thyroid dysfunction

The feeling of a coma in the throat is very often associated with diseases of the thyroid gland. Such a pathology can arise because of:

  • lack of iodine in the body;
  • autoimmune diseases, which are characterized by excessive secretion of thyroid hormones (or diffuse toxic goiter);
  • inflammation of the thyroid gland and so on.

If you suspect a deviation, it is advisable to consult an endocrinologist.

Chronic pharyngitis
prevents swallowing in the throat

If you are periodically interrupted by mucus in the throat, then,it is likely that you have an inflammation of the pharynx of a viral origin. For such a disease is not only a sensation of coma, but also the appearance of pus, especially in the morning, after sleep. To treat this inflammation often prescribed antibiotic therapy, as well as local solutions for rinsing.

Cervical osteochondrosis

If you are not just hampered by something in your throat, but youobserve and such signs as pain and numbness in the upper limbs, shoulders and back, then, most likely, it is associated with cervical osteochondrosis. To get rid of these unpleasant symptoms, you should consult a neurologist who will prescribe a course of massage, diet and medication.

Vegeto-vascular dystonia

This disease occurs against a background of deviationsnervous vegetative system. Signs of this deviation is not only a lump in the throat, but also symptoms such as dry mouth, numbness of tongue and shortness of breath.

interferes with mucus in the throat

Throat cancer

With such a disease a person has a dry cough, a hoarse voice and a choking during a meal. Treatment of this deviation requires immediate surgical intervention.

Other reasons

If you are prevented from swallowing something in your throatunnatural, and you have recently been traumatized in this area, then you may have a displacement of the cervical vertebrae. Also, such abnormalities as overweight, hernia of the diaphragm or esophagus may have similar symptoms. In addition, a lump in the throat often arises from a tense cough, the effects of a cold, as a result of the side effect of taking medications, and also because of a digestive process.

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