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Homemade dressing for hookah at home

Today, the use of hookah is becomingmore popular. And many prefer to purchase their own "home" device to carry out this fascinating process right in their kitchen or yard, meeting with friends. It seemed that nothing was easier: he bought, tucked in and started smoking. But in fact in every case there are subtleties. One of them is the correct refueling for hookahs. We'll talk about this in our today's article.

dressing for hookahs

What's the secret?

Refueling for hookahs: what is meant by this term? First of all, tobacco, soaked and cooked in a special way. Sometimes - a mixture of smoking. Sometimes - a fruit mixture without tobacco. In general, this is a fairly broad generalization concept. Of course, refueling can be purchased in stores - the benefit today is not a problem in any major city. But a good dressing for a hookah can be prepared independently, nothing complicated after all. This process of cooking can be compared to brewing or home-made winemaking: just as fascinating. Well, shall we try?

Dressing for hookah yourself: ingredients

We will need: tobacco (it can be a large pipe, or makhorka in case of emergency, or special tobacco for hookahs), glycerin, which will serve as a moisturizer and softener (we buy it at a pharmacy), molasses or honey (however, remember that as the temperature rises, honey can melt and gradually kill the mine), essential oils (also bought at the pharmacy). About the last ingredient: it should be natural products. The choice is yours: mint + lemon, apple + melon, for example. Tip: if you have already bought flavored tobacco, select the oil that fits the taste of the flavor.

good filling for hookah

How to make a gas station for shisha

  1. A couple of pinch of strong tobacco in a small container is poured with boiling water and thrown back to the strainer: this procedure reduces the strength.
  2. Then the tobacco should be slightly dried in the oven (no more than 20-30 minutes at a temperature of 90 degrees - so that it does not begin to char.)
  3. Another pinch of strong tobacco (not processed with boiling water) is mixed with the dried part.
  4. Add the pharmacy glycerine: for 50 grams of tobacco 2 small bubbles (calculation 1/1).
  5. Add 5-10 drops of essential oil, chosen by you (or several).
  6. We take molasses and pour into the mixture, so that it turns out like a thick jam.
  7. We shift the mixture into a container, seal it and send it for a week.
  8. Such a hookah filling at home can be used for smoking in about seven days. Preliminary, we recommend to squeeze it on a napkin.

refueling for hookah

And if without tobacco?

Of course, the term "refueling for hookahs"understand first of all tobacco, a special way prepared: soaked in flavors and wrung out (this is done in order to reduce the level of tar and nicotine, other harmful substances). Sometimes it is added and treacle, and glycerin, and fruit mixtures, giving an optimal and original taste. But we should not forget that there are special refueling stations - without tobacco, especially for non-smokers (more precisely, for those who decided not to use nicotine, but still want to smoke).

"Non-tobacco" mixture can consist of 100%from fruits and berries soaked in glycerin, contain honey, syrup, corn pulp, mint leaves, herbs. This filling for hookahs completely replaces the tobacco, and harmful nicotine smoke is changed to safe fruity steam, which in a sense can be considered even useful for the human body. It positively affects the vocal cords by heating the throat. Getting into the lungs, thick steam clears them from pathogens and bacteria. Such refueling for hookahs during the "smoking" does not burn, but as it boils. Thus, no harmful combustion products are present in the steam. A pair of hookah visually and taste does not differ much from the tobacco option. And by the way, such a fruit hookah can be smoked quite calmly, without causing harm to others, practically anywhere: in a cafe or in nature, in a non-smoking company, at home with the family.

dressing for hookah at home

Home hookah

If you bought a hookah and decided to smoke it inat home, here are a few simple tips that will help you to quickly master this pleasant pastime. To do this, you need to learn how to clean the device for smoking in a purely technical way. By the way, refilling the hookah consists, in fact, of two stages: the bookmarking of tobacco and filling the liquid, through which smoke is passed.

how to make a gas station for shisha

We lay tobacco

Before stacking tobacco it is advised a littlesqueeze, because it sometimes is too wet. This can be done with a regular paper napkin and hands. However, there is no need to strongly compress, so as not to impoverish the taste of tobacco. Before you put it in the chilim, you must also loosen it with special tweezers. The mixture should not be too loose, but tight - it's also not good (with a strong tamping of tobacco, the hookah can not stretch well). Do not put it with a slide - it's quite enough and one spoonful. If there is not absolutely free space left in chilim, or very little - it's wrong. Coals will be too close to the aromatic mixture. On black pure tobacco, used as a refueling, the coals can be placed from above. But before using it also it is necessary to soak, otherwise it will seem too tight when tightened. After filling the filling in the chilim, it must be pierced several times with a spoke or a large needle. After that, we already lay out the cooked coal on the foil, pre-heated.

Filling with liquid

Important point - the choice of liquid for smokinghookah. Some prefer to use ordinary water with ice. Some - milk or wine, even divorced cognac. Here everyone is free to choose what he likes. Pour liquid into the cone, so that it hides the tube to 3-4 centimeters. And the tube itself is recommended before putting it in the freezer, so that it cool down properly. Well, coal and tobacco have already warmed up, and you can start the process of smoking a hookah.

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