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Flat feet. Causes of development. Prevention of flat feet

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In the process of human evolution, his foot has acquiredquite a unique design. In a normal state this part of the skeleton has two arches: a transverse one (between the finger bases) and a longitudinal one (along the inner surface). Both of them play a very important role: they help maintain balance and protect the body from shaking while walking. In other words, the vaults act as shock absorbers.

If they flatten out and get flatform, the shaking during walking is eliminated due to the damping properties of the spine and the joints of the legs. In connection with the fact that these elements of the skeleton are not designed to perform such tasks, they quickly fail. Thus, along with flat feet, a person acquires scoliosis and arthrosis. It should be noted that the irregular structure of arches is typical for a fairly large number of people.

It must be said that flat feet can be acquired and inherent in nature.

In the second case, the cause of pathology is congenital insufficiency of the connective tissue. At the same time, it is difficult to determine pathology before the age of five or six.

Traumatic (acquired) flat feet can develop due to injuries. As a rule, these are fractures of heel bones, ankles, tarsometric bones.

Ricketic flat feet can develop as a result of a high load on the weakened segments of the foot.

A pathology of a statistical nature develops (in 81% of cases) in connection with muscle weakness. Of particular importance is such weakness in the foot, in the shin and ligaments.

The most common reason for the occurrence of pathology is the excessive strain on the vaults. As a rule, this happens as a result of wearing the wrong shoes.

The choice of these or other methods of therapy will depend onfrom the degree of flat feet. At the same time, it is impossible to get rid of this disease with conservative methods at an older age. Completely eliminate the pathology can only in childhood. This requires timely prevention of flat feet.

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The correct formation of the vault is possible withconstant training of ligaments and muscles. The prevention of flatfoot involves various exercises aimed at strengthening the ligamentous and muscular apparatus. As a workout, walking on rocks, sand, hard grass is used. As you know, without muscle load weaken. Regular training allows them to maintain their tone.

Prevention of flatfoot involves a choiceoptimal, comfortable shoes. Often the cause of flat feet in women is wearing high heels. This is due to the fact that the support in such shoes is not carried on the entire foot, but only on the heads of metatarsal bones. This, in turn, leads to deformation of the segments.

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Prevention of flat feet at home includes simple measures. Experts advise regularly to do massage, gymnastics of feet. Relieve the tension will help the tub.

Prevention of flat feet is very importantin children. The choice of comfortable shoes in this case is of paramount importance. It is necessary to know that a child should not wear shoes for someone. In the loose shoe, the load is distributed to the foot incorrectly. Shoes for the child should have a small heel, a hard back and a soft instep. As a preventive measure, the doctor can recommend special insoles from flat feet. Relieve the tension will help the tub.

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