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Treatment of papillomas on the body, intraprotective, pointed

Papilloma can appear in men and womenon any part of the body, including internal organs. It is a viral disease caused by papillomaviruses. To date, about one hundred species have been discovered. There are among them not dangerous, they appear and disappear by themselves. But many others cause skin cancer or other organs. Therefore, the appearance of papillomas should be taken seriously.

Treatment with papillomas
By nature, papillomavirus is very insidious. He can be in the body for years and do not show himself. It can only be infected from a virus carrier. This happens either with direct contact, or through objects, clothes, shoes. You can also get caught in the water by visiting the sauna or swimming pool. People with impaired immunity and children are especially susceptible to the disease.

Treatment of papillomas is carried out by various methods. The simplest is medication. It gives good results in the initial stages of the disease. On the papilloma that forms the wart, ointments, sprays or liquid preparations such as "Podophilin", "Imiquimod", "Fluorouracil", "Epigen" and others are applied. All of them are applied according to the attached instructions. Folk methods offer treatment with papillomas using fresh celandine juice, treatment with ashes, dandelion juice, calendula, tea tree oil and many other means. It would be desirable to notice, that the result will be much better if in parallel with external treatment to apply the preparations strengthening immunity.

Intra-flow papilloma

Surgical treatment is considered more effectivepapillomas. It consists in cauterization of the affected site with liquid nitrogen, laser removal, radio wave energy or high frequency currents (electrocoagulation).

Removing papillomas with electrocoagulation is somewhat painful. Formed after the procedure, the wounds heal for a long time.

When freezing papillomas with liquid nitrogen, patientsalmost do not feel pain. The wound tightens faster, but modern devices can not regulate the depth of freezing, which affects healthy tissues. In addition, this method can not be treated with all kinds of papillomas.

Laser treatment is considered more universal. With its help single and group papillomas are treated on the body, in the oral cavity, in the nose, on the cervix, on the genitals. Postoperative wounds heal quickly and do not leave scars.

In recent years, the treatment of papillomas is performed withusing radio wave energy. A special radio-knife removes tissue damaged by the virus, which is subsequently subjected to histological examination. This method is painless. He excludes the reappearance of papillomas.

The greatest difficulty is caused by papillomas that appear in the ducts of the mammary glands, and peaked, appearing on the mucous in men and women.

Pointed papilloma
Intra-flow papilloma is characteristiccolorless, bloody or greenish-brown discharge from the nipples. In fact, it is a cyst, filled with enlarged cells of the epithelium, and is very dangerous because of its oncological orientation. There is this disease in people who have hormonal disorders. It is possible to detect intra-flow papilloma only when performing a comprehensive examination, including ultrasound, mammography and doktografiyu. Treatment is carried out only surgical. Only in some cases, a conservative therapy is prescribed. Operations to remove intrapromed papillomas are performed with general anesthesia. Removed fragments are necessarily examined for the presence of cancer cells.

Peaked papilloma, also calledcondylomata, occurs on the genitals, in the mouth or in the region of the anal opening. On the genitals, the disease appears only as a result of sexual contact with the carrier of the virus. Papillomas on mucous membranes are painful, can bleed, make it difficult for a person's normal physiological processes, cause a lot of inconvenience, can develop into malignant formations. Treatment of genital papillomas is performed by all known methods, depending on the severity of the disease.

Unfortunately, the papillomavirus, after getting into the human body, remains there forever. Completely get rid of it is impossible. You can only strengthen your immunity so that the virus remains inactive.

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