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"Clenbuterol" syrup and tablets: application.

The drug Clenbuterol is atransparent liquid with a rich berry aroma. The form of release - a vial of glass, dark, standard volume of 100 ml. It has bronchodilator and adrenomimetic action. It is prescribed for adults and children of any age with bronchial asthma, chronic forms of obstructive bronchitis, emphysema and other lung diseases accompanied by bronchial obstructive syndrome.

It is noted that "Clenbuterol" side effectshas similar to other B-adrenostimulators. This list includes a headache, an increased sense of anxiety, a decrease in blood pressure, a feeling of dryness in the oral cavity, tachycardia, a rash on the skin, tremor of the hands, extrasystole.
It must be remembered that "Clenbuterol" (syrup and tablets) has a number of contraindications. Women in the first months of pregnancy and immediately before childbirth this drug is not recommended.
Not shown "Clenbuterol" and patients with myocardial infarction (in the acute period of the disease).
Women during breastfeeding"Clenbuterol" (syrup and tablets) is also contraindicated. It is known that the components of the drug with mother's milk enter the child's body. But to date, there are no clinical data on how it affects the baby.

"Clenbuterol" syrup - instructions and dosage.

Children after 12 years and adults for medical purposesthe drug is prescribed in an amount of 15 ml. The frequency of admission depends on the severity of the course of the disease, usually it is either two or three times during the day. With maintenance therapy, 10 ml twice a day is sufficient.
Breasts up to 8 months of age "Clenbuterol" syrup is prescribed depending on body weight.
At a weight of 4 to 8 kg, 2.5 ml is sufficient, from 8 to 12 kg - the recommended dose is 5 ml, with a body weight of 12 - 16 kg, the dosage is 7.5 ml.
A baby from 4 to 6 years weighing from 16 to 22 kg needs 10 ml of syrup. For children older than 15 ml, regardless of weight.
Frequency of admission - twice a day after a meal or along with a meal.

Since after taking the drug may arisedizziness, sensation of weakness and trembling of the hands, it is not recommended during the course of treatment any potentially dangerous activity, including work with machines and mechanisms, requiring increased concentration of attention.

It is also noted that "Clenbuterol" (syrup and tablets) should not be combined with alcohol, since it gives a serious strain on the heart.

"Clenbuterol" for weight loss.

Not so long ago this drug was discovered for myselfathletes are bodybuilders. Due to its ability to burn fat, it was widely used in precompetitive training. To enhance the fat burning effect, the course also includes thyroxine and ketotifen.
The action of "Clenbuterol" is based on the fact thatits effect, the human body produces adrenaline and norepinephrine, which, as is known, contribute to the burning of the fatty layer. Also, under the influence of drugs, the secretion of thyroid hormones increases, after which the process of losing weight is activated naturally.
Of course, "Clenbuterol" syrup for this purpose is notSuitable because it contains too much sugar. Therefore, for the burning of fat, a tablet form of the drug is used. The course of admission is two weeks, after which a break for the same period is necessary.
The recommended dose for male bodybuilders is about 140 mcg per day, for women - no more than 100 mcg for the same period of time.
As you yourself could see, the dose of the drugare exceeded several times in comparison with therapeutic ones. Therefore, athletes during the administration of the drug observed a strong tremor (because of the release of adrenaline into the blood), nausea, insomnia, restless condition.

Despite the fact that the practice of using"Clenbuterol" for weight loss has not revealed any serious side effects, physicians strongly do not recommend using such potent drugs to healthy people.
In his book "Anabolic Remedies" Ostapenko even draws a parallel between the use of "Clenbuterol" in the process of "drying" and malignant formations in the human body.

I would like to note that, despite the abundance inonline reviews of any product, as well as the most detailed instructions for their use, taking any medication should be "authorized" by your doctor.

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