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Angular stomatitis. Seizures in the corners of the mouth: causes and treatment

A person without medical education is oftenreplaces complex professional terms with simple household names. So, for example, cracks and wounds, "decorating" the corners of the lips, called zaedami. In fact, this is the manifestation of angular stomatitis. What kind of illness is this and how can it be combated with it?

angular stomatitis

What is angular stomatitis?

It may seem that medicine specificallytries to confuse patients, giving many names to one process. In the card it is written: angular cheilitis, angular cheilitis, angular stomatitis, cheilosis, angular stomatitis, slit-like impetigo. In fact, all this is one and the same disease. That is, a small inflammatory process in the mouth, caused by the appearance of yeast-like Candida or streptococci, with the formation of skin defects in the corners of the mouth.

Many are confident that this is just a cosmeticdefect, and do not go to a doctor with a similar problem. In most cases, it is possible to cope with zaedy improvised ways. However, do not forget that in a neglected state any disease is more difficult to treat. And besides, the inflammation of the corners of the lips is a symptom of a more complex internal disease.

causes in the corners of the mouth and treatment

General clinical picture

Angular stomatitis can occur in different ways, independing on the form of bacterial damage. As already mentioned, it can be candidal or streptococcal. Often the doctor needs not only a visual examination of skin erosion, but also an analysis of scraping from the surface of the affected area. The only way he can make a reliable diagnosis.

First there is a slight inflammation in the cornermouth. The inflamed patch bursts and a cracks appear, which can be wet or crusted. The site of the lesion starts to itch or cause burning, and during a meal or conversation a person experiences pain.

Now it is worthwhile to understand the difference between candidiasis and streptococcal galloping.

corners of the lips

Streptococcal disease

Angular stomatitis streptococcal form more ofteneverything occurs in children. It starts suddenly and develops quite quickly. The first symptom is the appearance of one or more vesicles. Inside, they are filled with a clear or unclear liquid. Streptococcal congestion is always clearly visible from the outside. Erosion can occur both from two, and from one side of the oral cavity. Bubbles are localized at the corners of the lips or a short distance from them. After a while, the eruption of the mucous epithelium appears on the spot of the bursting vesicle. Then, over the erosion, cracks are formed. If treatment is not started in time, the cracks deepen and reach the layer of lymphatic capillaries. There are excretions from the wound that cause densification and drying of the skin. An inelastic crust is formed, which is cracked, if necessary, widely open the mouth, eating food, ordinary conversation. The patient's appetite decreases, general health worsens, itching and burning of affected areas occurs.


Candidiasis lesions

If angular stomatitis is candidalcharacter, it develops slowly. In some cases, the lesion is located in the inner corners of the lips, and outside it is not visible. If the inflammatory process has affected the outer corners of the lips, then they can be considered reddish erosion, surrounded by pale, friable skin. The corners of the mouth are not crusted, but, on the contrary, become wet. On them appears whitish curdled scurf. These are the products of the life of Candida fungus. At the initial stage, the candida form does not have bubbles, it is important for the diagnosis. The inflammatory process is almost always characterized by the defeat of both corners of the mouth.

The reasons for the appearance of jam

In a limited number of streptococci and yeast fungi can be found on the skin of an absolutely healthy person. To activate the pathogenic microflora, certain conditions are necessary.

seizures in a child than treated

The cause of seizure as an independent symptom may be:

  • Skin trauma, for example squeezing a pimple near the corner of the lip;
  • poor oral hygiene;
  • poorly fitted dentures;
  • dirty dishes;
  • dirty fruits and vegetables;
  • hypothermia.

Zaeda as a symptom of other diseases

If angular stomatitis is a symptom of a more complicated process, then the approach to its elimination should be different. Seizures can be symptoms of the following diseases:

  • beriberi;
  • all kinds of anemia;
  • viral infections associated with prolonged fever;
  • hypovitaminosis;
  • immunodeficiency states;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • allergic reactions;
  • violations of the digestive tract.

ointment ointment

In this case, when eliminating jam at the corners of the mouth,causes and treatment should be interrelated. First of all, therapy is directed against the underlying disease, because only symptomatic treatment will not help.

Methods of treatment

As always, the treatment is preceded by an examination anddiagnostics. If zaeda is not a symptom of another disease, then determine its causative agent. For the candida form, antimycotic drugs are required, since the fight will go with a fungal infection. Additionally, treatment of affected skin with antiseptics may be required. Specialists often prescribe an antifungal drug "Clotrimazole". And for the subsequent healing of "Bepanten" and "D-panthenol."

ointment ointment

To eliminate streptococcal form,antibacterial ointment from seizures. The liquid preparation "Stomatidin" helps a lot. The agent is prescribed in the form of rinses or lotions. It equally effectively affects both streptococci and fungal flora. Often prescribe ointments with an antibiotic, for example with erythromycin. Excellent helps all the well-known ointment Vishnevsky.

If local therapy does not eliminate seizures incorners of the mouth, causes and treatment should be further studied and adjusted. You may need the appointment of vitamin complexes, immunomodulators or fortifying agents. The main disease is treated or the allergic reaction is eliminated, and the treatment of angular stomatitis is carried out in parallel or at the end of the course of basic therapy.

How to treat a child

Kids are restless and active. It is difficult for them to understand that a small wound on the face can not be touched by hands, that it can not be scratched and licked. When there is a seizure in a child, than to treat, the child's doctor must determine. Uncontrolled use of medicines can cause great harm to the baby. In many cases, enough treatment with peroxide or green.

angular stomatitis treatment

If a candida form is found that in childrenit is not very often, it is prescribed nystatin or levorinovuyu ointment. Older children additionally rinse the oral cavity, and the babies are treated with corners of the lips with a soda solution.

If the seizures are due to an allergy to a product, the parents should carefully remove the remnants of food from the corners of the mouth and exclude it from the diet.


In simple cases, it is enough to usepeople's means. Many, having discovered an angular stomatitis, are treated at home. The main direction is softening the crust and healing the wound. The following tools are suitable:

  1. Vegetable oils. To keep the skin soft, you can apply cleaned oils to the erosion site. Good fit sea-buckthorn, olive or linen. But the tea tree oil can be used not so much to mitigate, as to decontaminate the place of injury. In this case, perform short applications. A few drops of tea tree oil is applied to a piece of gauze and applied for 2-5 minutes.
  2. Home vitamin-nutrient ointment. In a small container mix a spoon of honey, 10 drops of fish oil and 2 drops of liquid vitamins A and E. The best option - apply in the evening and leave until the morning.
  3. You can fight with pickles by rubbing them several times a day with aloe juice.
  4. For the treatment and tincture, prepared from medicinal herbs. In this case, chamomile, sage, oak bark is effective. Washing should be done 3-5 times a day.
  5. Effectively fights with angular stomatitis juiceplantain. The plant is collected away from busy trails, washed and grinded. From the resulting squash squeeze the juice, which is used for rubbing and lotions.
  6. For treatment, propolis can be used. If it is an alcoholic infusion, then after applying the antiseptic, softening oils are applied.
  7. An effective remedy is earwax. It's not very aesthetic, but it's quite effective. You need to apply sulfur several times a day.
  8. Antibacterial effect is fresh garlic. You can apply to the wound in the corners of the mouth thin plates or ground mush.

angular cheilitis

If improvised funds do not bring visibleresult within a few days, then you should not take risks. It is best to consult a doctor, and use traditional medicine as an addition to the basic treatment.

Prevention of disease

For the prevention of angular stomatitis, in the case ofif this is not a symptom that accompanies another disease, it is enough to regularly and carefully perform hygienic procedures, twice a year to go to the dentist to examine the oral cavity and identify caries or periodontitis. In addition, you should not use dirty dishes and common spoons.

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