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Hydrogen peroxide - use at home

The connection of hydrogen peroxide in nature is almost notis encountered, since it decomposes quite easily, in contact with a living system. The production of hydrogen peroxide is produced chemically, by enriching hydrogen with oxygen. Contacting with any organism, hydrogen peroxide is destroyed, but it also destroys the opponent. Such a chemical process is accompanied by the decay of molecules, at which time the microbes that are in the reaction zone die. This process also served to the fact that hydrogen peroxide was used in medical practice.

The most effective and safe way for medical practice is the external application of this compound. Hydrogen peroxide is used in medicine has at all cases of integrity violationskin - with scratches, cuts, injuries. And then, only in those cases when it is required to carry out an urgent disinfection of the surface, to perform mechanical cleaning of the damaged skin from small foreign particles. This compound produces the prevention of bacterial infection, and is also used as a protection against the development of pathogenic microflora in case of insufficient local immunity. Receiving such not expected help, local immunity much more quickly copes with the cause of infection, which allows the wound to close more quickly. This allows you to achieve a reduction in skin changes, which promotes the use of hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes.

Hydrogen peroxide was used only forimpact on areas that have skin lesions, because it is in such places penetrate pathogenic bacteria that are destroyed by it. Therefore, do not treat the skin, which is not changed - because in contact in this case, hydrogen peroxide will burn the excretory ducts of sweat and sebaceous glands. Simultaneously with a decrease in sweating (which causes overload of the kidneys with toxins), the skin's greasiness will also decrease. And this is almost guaranteed to cause acne. To process peroxide in the area of ​​the lymph nodes also does not make sense - when absorbed by the body it can bring more harm to the body than good.

Although hydrogen peroxide was also used inthose cases when at first glance there is no skin damage. There are cases when the skin gets microdamages. In such cases, the application of peroxide causes the appearance of characteristic white spots in such places. To determine the zone of microdamage it is enough to treat it with alcohol - when burning occurs it will be obvious that this zone has microtraumas of the skin. Since the treatment with peroxide excretion of the active oxidant (oxygen) takes place outside the body, it does not bring tangible harm to human health.

To clear pathogenic microorganisms from the back wall of the pharynx and tonsils, remove the plaque from the root of the tongue, medicine uses the method of rinsing the throat with this compound.

How to gargle with hydrogen peroxide?

It is necessary to dial into the mouth a smallthe amount of solution that is obtained by dilution in a glass of water of a tablespoon of peroxide, to throw back the head and continuously try to pronounce the lettering "Glu-uu". Repeat this action several times, then the liquid spits out. With a thorough rinse of the oral cavity, the root of the tongue is cleared of plaque, and the amygdala and the posterior pharyngeal wall from harmful microflora. At the end of the procedure, rinse the mouth with sterile water.

The procedure is carried out after three hours, using a glass of solution at a time. After the disappearance of the plaque, you can continue it only with a solution of sterile water.

In the same way, you can cleanse your nose by injecting ten milliliters of peroxide into each nostril with a small syringe.

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