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The drug "Urovakson". Instructions for use

The medicine "Urovakson" refers toimmunostimulating agents. As an active component, a bacterial lysate is lyophilized from 18 strains of Escherichia coli (Escherichia coli). Available in capsule form.

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Description of the drug "Urovakson". Instructions

The price of the medicine is from 1400 rubles. The medication is able to induce the formation of interferon (endogenous), stimulate T-lymphocytes. In the course of clinical studies, a decrease in the incidence of recurrent infections of the urogenital system was found.

At what pathologies is the agent prescribed?

The medication is indicated in combination therapy, forprevention of repeated occurrence of infections of the genitourinary system of chronic course. The medicine is recommended, in particular, for cystitis, regardless of the type of pathogen. The drug is prescribed from the age of four in combination with antiseptics and antibiotics.

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Dosing regimen

The drug "Urovakson" instructions for userecommends taking on an empty stomach, per capsule per day. When carrying out standard antimicrobial therapy, the drug is taken until the symptoms disappear completely. The duration of treatment is not less than ten days. The maximum duration of the therapeutic course is not more than three months. If the child has difficulty in swallowing the capsules, the contents may be mixed with a liquid (juice, milk, etc.).


The drug "Urovakson" instruction for use does not recommend if intolerance. During pregnancy or when feeding, the advisability of treatment is established by a specialist.

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Side effects when taking medication

"Urovakson" medication (instructions for usewarns of this) can cause minor disorders of the digestive system (diarrhea, vomiting, nausea), skin reactions (erythema, exanthema, pruritus). The latter are usually due to hypersensitivity to the components. Rarely can a slight fever occur. In practice, there is no description of cases of overdose. Theoretically, side effects may worsen.

Additional information that contains the instruction for use of the drug "Urovakson"

The price of the drug is quite high, howeverthe drug can effectively cope with existing infections and prevent their relapse. The drug is good tolerability. If the dosing regimen is followed, the negative consequences do not practically arise. However, if complications develop, stop treatment and visit a doctor. Therapy of children should be controlled by a pediatrician. The medication is dispensed by prescription. Do not change the dosage regimen independently if there is no therapeutic effect. Keep the product out of the reach of children. The temperature is not more than 25 degrees. The medicine is allowed to be taken within five years from the date of release. If necessary, to treat a nursing patient, she should be informed of the likely need to stop lactation.

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