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The appendage of the testicle flushed, what should I do?

When the epididymis is inflamed, aa disease like epididymitis. This disease can occur due to various infectious diseases, for example, influenza, angina, pneumonia or any other. Most often, the epididymis is inflamed in the presence of inflammatory processes in the urinary system, for example, prostatitis, urethritis or vesiculitis. The occurrence of epididymitis can be facilitated by a trauma of the pelvis, scrotum or perineum, as well as any other factors that cause stagnation of blood in the pelvis. Usually the appendage of the testicles becomes inflamed and passes in an acute form, extremely rarely there is a chronic inflammation.

Manifestations of epididymitis

The onset of the disease is signaled by the appearance of painin the middle of the scrotum and a significant increase in it. Pain can be given in the perineum, groin and even in the lower back. Especially the pain in the appendage of the testicle increases when any movement is made. In the place of defeat, the scrotum swells and becomes red. In this case, the temperature rises, all signs of an inflammatory disease appear: headache, weakness, loss of appetite, etc. Adherence of the testicle considerably increases in size, and touching it becomes very painful.

If treatment is neglected, thenbegin suppuration in the epididymis. The patient's condition worsens, the body temperature rises. If you do not attach importance to what hurts an epididymis, inflammation can go to the testicle itself. Then the acute orchitis will begin.

If the inflammatory process is not treated, it canlead to a proliferation of connective tissue, which means that there will be an obstruction of the epididymis for spermatozoa, which will lead to the emergence of bilateral epididymitis and infertility.

Treatment of acute epididymitis

With mild illness, patients are treated at home. Hospitalization patients are subject only if there is a high probability of complications. But in any case, the patient should strictly adhere to bed rest. In this case, the scrotum is fixed in an elevated position, for example, with a rolled towel. It is extremely important during the treatment of epididymitis to observe a diet, namely - do not eat fried and spicy food. Significantly reduces the pain of applying a cold compress in the scrotum, but it can be applied for 1-2 hours, then do a half-hour break.

A prerequisite is the treatment ofdisease, which led to the occurrence of epididymitis. It is carried out with the use of antibiotics, resorbants, enzymes and vitamins. After acute inflammation in the epididymis is removed, physiotherapy and thermal procedures are performed. The operation is performed in the event that suppuration of the epididymis occurs. In especially severe cases, the appendage is removed.

Manifestations of chronic epididymitis

The occurrence of this disease usually occurs aftersterilization, and as a consequence of diseases such as tuberculosis and syphilis. Usually acute epididymitis is one-sided, whereas chronic epididymitis can often be bilateral and cause infertility. Therefore, it is very important to consult a doctor on time and carry out treatment in full and on time.

Prevention of epididymitis

Prevention of this disease isprevention of chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, especially chronic prostatitis and urethritis. Especially it is necessary to listen to the state of your body after the transfer of infectious diseases, as well as any scrotal injury. At any suspicion it is better to address at once to the expert who will spend inspection and if necessary will appoint or nominate effective treatment.

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