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Contact lenses Acuvue Advance with hydraclear: reviews and features

Glasses or lenses? This issue had to be addressed to anyone who had a problem with vision impairment. And if in the past it was not easy to decide to wear lenses - they were made of hard materials, fragile, inconvenient in the process of wearing and even traumatic, today the difficulties can arise only the first time when a person is just learning to wear them. This discreet means to improve eyesight has made a great gift to those people who can not, or simply do not like to wear glasses. A very successful model was developed by Johnson & Johnson: contact lenses Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear. It is in them, according to the manufacturer, that a person will feel only comfort throughout the day.

Lens Specifications Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear

Contact lenses Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear

Contact lenses Acuvue Advance with Hydraclearmade of a material such as Galyfilcon A, which maintains the moisture level of the lens, is very smooth and almost invisible to humans. It is thanks to him that the lens remains soft throughout the day. A component such as Hydreaclear allows you to increase the degree of passage of oxygen, and also retains moisture on the surface of the lens. This combination gives the person the opportunity to feel comfortable and not to think about eye problems even in extreme situations - for example, in strong winds or in a room with very dry air. The period of wearing the model "Akuyev Advance Hydracliar" - up to two weeks, given that at night people "rest" from using the means. The lens is very thin - its thickness is only 0.7 mm, and its diameter is 14 mm. The surface is transparent, painted for ease of use in a bluish tinge. Contact lenses Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear, according to the manufacturer, have a high degree of protection against UV radiation, which is very important not only in summer, but also in the winter when UV rays are reflected from white snow. The water content is much higher than that of similar products of other producers, and is indicated at 47%. One package contains six blisters, so if you wear the same lenses on both eyes, the next purchase will have to be made in about a month and a half. Doctors do not recommend prolonging the term of wearing the lens above that indicated by the manufacturer due to hygiene considerations.

Acuvue Advance Hydraclear: customer reviews

acuvue advance hydraclear reviews

Consumers compare among themselves as severalsimilar models of lenses produced by Johnson & Johnson, and compare lenses with cheaper analogs. It is the contact lenses of Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear that are named the best in terms of price-quality ratio - most people noted the convenience and incredible comfort in application. However, there were negative reviews: most often they were associated with the wrong wearing of lenses or individual characteristics of the reaction of the body.

Important to remember!

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Choose a suitable pair of lenses that will helpto improve eyesight and not hurt, after all, only a doctor can. At selection the indicator, as a curvature of an eye cornea is considered, and the correctly picked up model perfectly sits down and will not bring uncomfortable sensations. Also, moving from glasses to contact lenses, it is worth remembering that neglect of hygiene is by no means impossible. At night, the lenses are removed, washed with a special solution and stored in fresh solution overnight in a lens container.

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