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What are the symptoms of vaginal dysbiosis? Why does this ailment appear?

dysbacteriosis of the vagina
Symptoms of vaginal dysbiosis in manysituations do not manifest themselves. The woman for a long time may have no signs of a violation of the microflora of the vagina. Sometimes the nature of the discharge changes, but few people pay attention to this. Normally, there should not be any excreta, or a small amount without unpleasant odors. There should be no unpleasant sensations and dryness in the genitals, as well as in intimate acts. When this disease develops, the amount of secretions becomes larger, they acquire a whitish-yellow color, an unpleasant smell appears. In addition, the dysbacteriosis can not be manifested, all other symptoms indicate its complications - the development of infection and inflammation of the genital organs.

Complications of vaginal dysbiosis

When this disease occurs,vaginal environment is a lot of bacteria of opportunistic or pathogenic nature. They can cause inflammation of the vagina or cervix. Symptoms are an increase in the total number of secretions, the appearance of discomfort, this also applies to sexual activity. One of the initial signs may be dryness in the vagina during sexual intercourse. Pathogenic bacteria are provoked by infection of the uterus, which leads to the endometritis, and its appendages with the subsequent appearance of adnexitis. Also, if a dysbacteriosis occurs, the infection can enter the bladder or canal, resulting in symptoms of urethritis and cystitis.

how to treat the dysbacteriosis of the vagina

Dysbacteriosis of the vagina - causes emergence

Infringements of a microflora of a vagina can be notonly for girls who live sexually, but also for those who did not start it. This is associated with an unstable hormonal background in the first menstrual cycles and with what features of the structure has a hymen. At the onset of sexual activity, many bacteria enter the bladder from the vagina, which can lead to cystitis. Manifestations of vaginal dysbacteriosis are sometimes limited only to abundant secretions. To treat this ailment in a virgin is difficult for the reason that the structure of the pleura can become an obstacle to the correct use of medications.

dysbacteriosis of the vagina causes

Dysbacteriosis in pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the reasonsthe occurrence of this disease. It can cause the appearance or intensification of symptoms or inflammation of the vagina. This is due to hormonal changes in the body of a woman during pregnancy, which affects the immune system and the microflora of the vagina. A full treatment of vaginal dysbacteriosis during pregnancy is difficult, since antibiotics are not desirable.

Dysbacteriosis and sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually Transmitted Infections asrule, lead to the onset of this disease. Normal mikloflora resists the appearance of infection. In the presence of pathogens, the inflammation of the genital tract begins, and the disturbances in the microflora of the vagina progress.

How to treat the dysbacteriosis of the vagina?

Treatment must be carried out under the supervision of a gynecologist. He will prescribe a course of drugs, after which you will have to undergo an additional examination.

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