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Traffic in the throat

All of us, probably, know perfectly well that whencolds are inevitable various unpleasant and even painful sensations in the throat. Moreover, many symptoms are successfully eliminated and at home. My grandmother cured any cold for a maximum of two days. I boiled the milk, added soda, butter and honey, and in the morning I was already fishing.

Thus, it is almost always possible to eliminateredness in the throat, perspiration. Another thing is when there are traffic jams in the throat. Treatment at home of this pathology will not be as effective as redness in the throat.


Why do they appear in the throat? The causes of this pathology can be very different. Tonsils are a lymphoid tissue that is designed to protect our throats from infection. Various microbes can cause inflammation in the tonsils. It is not difficult to draw an appropriate conclusion: "The correct diagnosis in such cases is made only by a specialist". To this end, a smear is taken from the larynx for examination.

For example, acute or chronic tonsillitis is accompanied by inflammation of lymphoid formations. This is a common infection of the upper respiratory tract. To us she is known as "angina".

Angina can cause staphylococci, streptococci,other viruses. Diphtheria microbes provoke the disease with diphtheria. Of course, in such cases, milk with honey will not be enough. These pathologies are fraught with serious complications. To avoid them, you need to take care of starting to treat the plugs in the throat in a timely manner.

Purulent congestion in the throat of children

In children, the plugs in the throat can be one of thesymptoms of follicular sore throat. With follicular angina almost all tonsils are covered with purulent vesicles. Pathology is accompanied by headaches. Other symptoms:

  • loss of appetite,
  • weakness,
  • heat.

In the analysis of blood there are noticeable changes. If there are suspicions of diphtheritic angina in children, the child should be immediately sent to a hospital.

Diphtheria is dangerous because of the presence of various complications afterwards.

It is marked with gray purulent raids. The removal of these raids causes severe pain.

Answering questions about the removal of tonsils fromchildren, you can advise a mandatory consultation with your doctor. It often happens that a child "overgrows" pathology. Similar questions are addressed to doctors by adult patients. Traffic in the throat, accompanied by an unpleasant odor, also gives the patient considerable anxiety.


Tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils) in certaincases is quite acceptable. In particular, when there are good reasons for carrying out such an operation. To tighten with the removal of tonsils should not be. The problem can subsequently be expressed in the fact that the patient is faced with chronic pharyngitis. And this disease in severe forms of treatment lends itself difficult and at the same time can significantly worsen the quality of life. Just for this reason, the removal should be done in a timely manner.

With the right and timely approach, the plugs in the throat are treated without surgery to remove the tonsils. The problem can be solved using a conservative method.

How to treat congestion in the throat - folk methods of treatment

Bactericidal properties are warm beet juice. An hourly rinse of the throat causes the plugs to escape from the throat. The recipe is this:

  • one glass of water;
  • one art. a spoonful of beet juice;
  • lime honey - one art. a spoon.

A saturated solution of conventional baking sodasoftens old cork in the throat. You need to rinse this solution throat three to four times a day. The same effect gives a decoction of wormwood, if a tablespoon of herb wormwood boil for 15 minutes in 500 milliliters of water.

To avoid pathologies associated with the occurrence of stoppers in the throat, timely use of antibacterial treatment is necessary.

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