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Mixtures for newborns

The best food for infants has always been andthere will be breast milk. Now a lot of attention is paid to the promotion of breastfeeding, and many women already know what the benefits of mother's milk are. However, it makes sense to dwell on this one more time.

First of all, breast milk has an optimalcomposition, ideally suited to the child. Among other things, the composition of milk varies with time. And the baby's needs change with age. This is the most important advantage of milk. There are others: breastfeeding is natural, cheap, does not require additional training, positively affects the appearance of the mother. Well, sweet: lactation is a natural contraceptive. This is the protective mechanism of nature.

As you can see, overestimate the benefits of breastfeedingfeeding is very difficult. However, sometimes the situation develops in such a way that breastfeeding is impossible. The reasons can be in the health of the mother or child. In this case, to help parents come mixtures for newborns.

In the past, in such cases, the usualcow milk, but it is not fully suitable for feeding children, because it is designed for completely different kids, with other needs. So, cow milk contains much more calcium than the baby needs, which can negatively affect the development of the baby. There are other differences that make it unsuitable for feeding children. Before the choice of women was not, but now the situation has radically changed.

Mixtures for newborns are prepared most oftenall the same from the cow milk, however on manufacture it passes a multistage processing: surpluses of substances from it are cleaned, missing are entered. Thus, the composition of the milk mixture is adjusted to the composition of breast milk. Different mixtures are developed for different life situations.

So, if the reasons for whichto refuse breastfeeding, are to the health of the mother, and the child is absolutely healthy, conventional adapted infant formula for him / her. Their composition is as close as possible to the composition of milk. It can be such mixtures as "Baby", "NAN", "Nutrilon".

But if the child has problems, it is better for him to choose a specialized product, the composition of which is designed to solve specific problems.

Sometimes children have problems with digestionmother's milk. This may be due to several reasons. First, the baby may lack in the gastric juice enzyme, which helps to break down lactose. Because of this, children can not digest milk. In this case, the mixture for newborns will have to choose a special one, which does not contain lactose. These can be mixtures based on soy milk or on the basis of cow's milk, but with lactose withdrawn from its composition. Secondly, the child may have an allergy to the components of milk. In this case, you will have to try a large number of specialized products, choosing the one that fits for a particular baby. One option is a mixture of goat's milk, for example, "Nenni."

Another problem that may force you to give up breastfeeding is anemia, a lack of hemoglobin. In this case, mixtures for newborns enriched with iron ("Baby") will work.

For children who have problems with digestion, they are intended for mixtures with the addition of devices that stimulate the work of the intestines, and also generally have a positive effect on the development of crumbs.

There are also mixtures for children with a tendency to regurgitate regularly. The composition of these mixtures includes special viscosifiers, preventing regurgitation ("Frisovom").

There are other therapeutic mixtures fornewborns. Their use must necessarily be agreed with the attending physician. Another factor that you need to pay attention to is the age at which this or that product is calculated. This is very important, because at each age children need a strictly defined set of elements.

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