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Symptom of allergies to cats and how to get rid of it

symptom of allergy to cats

Allergy is a rather unpleasant disease. It creates a lot of inconvenience to people suffering from it. Today, allergy to the fur of cats has become very frequent. Symptoms of it may be different, but the most common are rashes on the skin of the face and chest, asthma, watery eyes and allergic rhinitis. Constant rhinitis, itching, sneezing and nasal obstruction prevent a full life, therefore people suffering from this disease start taking special medications.

Manifestations of an allergy

Symptoms of allergies appear only whendirect contact with the animal or being in close proximity to it. They appear in a couple of minutes or hours, depending on the severity of the disease and the state of the body. Sometimes a symptom of allergy to cats can be confused with another disease, but you should know that unlike all the others, an allergy occurs at a time when a person is away from animals.

Causes of allergies

Unlike all other types of allergy to catsis a hereditary disease. In the case when both parents have it, a child with a probability of 80% will suffer from this illness. Most often it affects children under the age of 12 years. By the way, sometimes it arises because of a decrease in immunity. The main symptom of allergy to cats appears as a reaction to the protein Fel d1, which is part of the saliva of animals.

allergy to cat hair symptoms

Consequences of an allergy

Everyone should understand that any allergicthe reaction creates unpleasant sensations. With constant exposure to allergens, fatigue increases, irritability increases, and immunity decreases. In addition, bronchial asthma, conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis, and sometimes even eczema may develop. The most dangerous manifestation of this disease is anaphylactic shock, in some cases leading to a fatal outcome. An anaphylactic symptom of allergy to cats can be determined by difficulty breathing, sudden drop in pressure, convulsions and loss of consciousness.

Treatment of allergies

Today thanks to modern medicine, you canrecover from almost any disease, so no symptom of allergy to cats should not be for you an occasion to abandon a pet. To begin with, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of your environment, often spend wet cleaning or simply vacuuming. You also need to take care of your pet more carefully. To bathe it should be at least two times a month. But you have to understand that this will not relieve you completely of all the signs of the disease, so you need to go to the doctor anyway.

allergy analysis for cats

The first step is to analyze theallergy to cats, and after that, together with a specialist, develop a comprehensive individual treatment program. Admission of special medicines will become a necessity, the doctor can also prescribe antihistamines that block the action of the protein Fel d1. For some people, addiction is a very effective tool. If you are constantly near the cat, the symptoms themselves decrease, and eventually disappear altogether. This process is similar to immunotherapy, but it is up to you to decide which way to cure for allergies.

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