/ Cancer of the tongue. Forecast for the future.

Cancer of the tongue. Forecast for the future.

Cancer of the tongue is an oncological disease,which is a tumor, usually arising from a flat epithelium. Most often, such a disease appears on the lateral surface of the tongue, this fact is explained by the fact that these areas are most often subjected to injuries with sharp tips of the teeth. Initially, a non-healing ulcer may appear, which subsequently turns into a keratinized tissue or corn, which under mechanical influence can continue to grow. Thus, even a benign tumor can develop into cancer, especially if there are some factors that contribute to its development.

The main causes of cancer of the tongue

The main factors of development of malignanttumors are smoking and alcohol, excessive consumption of too hot and too hot food, infectious diseases of the tongue, stomatitis, leukoplakia, as well as too close contact with toxic drugs. Often, the cause of cancer of the tongue is malnutrition, the abundance of preservatives in the daily diet and the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables. Recently, scientists unanimously speak of the viral etiology of a cancerous tumor, as well as the genetic predisposition of the body to oncological diseases. Ironically, but overweight also plays a role in the development of cancer of the tongue, especially this fact is significant for the female sex. With age, the possibility of getting this disease increases several times, and this reason is far from being the last.

Cancer of the tongue, symptoms.

As a rule, the cancer of the tongue begins with ulcerationor a knot with clearly defined boundaries, which are later made less distinct. The most characteristic features are raised edges and the appearance of a solid under the ulcer. Painful sensations in cancer of the tongue appear quite early, but not always, sometimes jet bleeding is possible. Often there is an increase in the submandibular lymph nodes.

Cancer of the tongue. Treatment.

In the treatment of cancer of the tongue, three basic principles are used, the purpose of which depends on the size, stage of the disease and the condition of the patient. They are appointed individually or in combination.

  1. Radiation therapy. Contact gamma therapy is used at the 1 st and 2 nd stages of the disease, for the 3rd and 4th stage, remote gamma-therapy is used.
  2. Surgery. Used in the event that it is necessary to cut the tissues of the oral cavity, which prevent you from approaching the focus of inflammation. Surgical treatment is indicated only with a localized tumor that does not germinate into neighboring organs.
  3. Chemotherapy. Used to suppress cancer cells with caustic chemicals. Chemotherapy is a very effective method for fighting cancer as an independent treatment, and in tandem with radiation therapy.

Immediately it is worth noting that the treatment of cancer of the tonguemost often without complications. The outcome of an event depends only on the stage of the disease, on the general condition of the patient and on his hope of recovery. The bulk of cancer of the tongue is cured completely after a timely and proper treatment.

Prevention of cancer of the tongue

Prevention of this disease is reduced to failurefrom bad habits, to the normalization of the rest and nutrition regime, to early detection of oncological diseases, to sanitary education work among the population and to timely treatment of patients with precancerous conditions. The patient should know exactly what is cancer of the tongue and lung cancer, whether it is possible to cure these diseases completely, and what to do if the first signs have appeared. Timely treatment to the doctor is the best prevention and it allows the patient to completely recover from cancer, to become healthy and improve the quality of his life much.

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