/ Sunburn. Home treatment: remedies and recommendations

Sun burns. Home treatment: remedies and recommendations

sunburn treatment at home
It seems that there is not a single person in the world whoat least once did not feel all the "delights" of a bright sun. Sun burns, treatment at home and everything you need to know about this kind of skin lesion, we'll discuss further.

A tan

Let's start with the elementary and we will not erect a vain for tan, as a result of which the given kind of burns most often appear.

Exposure to our sun skin makes it possible:

- received in the body vitamins D, C, P assimilated;

- the metabolism functions properly;

- Immunity strengthened;

- enzymes are produced;

- stimulate the work of the respiratory system and hematopoiesis system;

- the mood to rise.

Solar burns

sunburn blisters treatment

Treatment at home can begin withbanal prevention. When leaving the sun, do not forget to use protective creams, oils. The weaker your skin, the higher the protective factor. After several procedures, the top layer of the skin becomes cornified, darkened and will be able to redistribute the heat more actively. So much less likely to appear sunburn.

Treatment under the home conditions of the lesions under any circumstances should not begin with:

- use of any kind of oils, moisturizers are allowed;

- ice packs, it is allowed to gradually reduce the temperature at the burn site.


Also, we should not forget that it is thermala blow can be a companion of this trouble, as a result of the unpleasant sensations on the skin are added fever, chills, headache, nausea. This is something that can easily accompany a sunburn. Treatment of the house in this case should be accompanied by procedures for restoring the thermal balance of the body, namely rest, plentiful drink, cool compresses on the head area.


Another phenomenon that accompanies sunburn,- blisters. Treatment of them should be carried out extremely accurately while observing all sanitary standards. The reason is trivial: the wound is open, and infection is easy to make. As a consequence, voluminous purulent wounds can form. To act with them is necessary, as with an ordinary burn, namely:

- not to injure;

- protect from contamination with sterile gauze bandages;

- treat antiseptic drugs (creams "Bepanten", "Panthenol", a weak solution of manganese or a pill "Streptocide").

sunburn treatment at home


And now about the most important thing, namely, about the means,ideally helping with sun damage to the skin. Cucumber, scarlet and sour milk come first. Banal rubbing can provide excellent help. Dissolved in water or milk for the body, the mummy will remove redness, even when it seems that blisters can not be avoided. Next come a strong cool tea, wiping which will remove the inflammation gently. It can be replaced with infusion of chamomile, oak, St. John's wort, or willow-tea. From medical preparations use all the same "Bepanten-ointment" and cream "Pantenol".


Sunburn, treatment at homewhich we discussed, are due to a decrease in the production of melanin and not thickening of the stratum corneum, capable of redistributing solar heat. More often painful reddening occurs after the first solar procedures. Do not forget about the precautions and sunbathe with pleasure!

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