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How to treat thrush during pregnancy: why is it needed, and how to do it safely and effectively

A dairymaid is a disease caused byfungus. It worries now almost every second woman from time to time, every tenth thrush has acquired a protracted character. And it's not about sex life and not in the non-observance of the rules of personal hygiene: thrush causes hormonal imbalance due to constant stresses, because of food, processed by hormones, antibiotics, love of sweets and flour. The disease is sometimes the first noticeable sign of diabetes.

How to treat thrush during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life,when the ratio of different hormones varies quite strongly, to provide the child with comfortable conditions and prevent his miscarriage. In this situation, thrush often appears. And the future mother needs to know how to treat thrush during pregnancy, since an untreated fungus can infiltrate the baby, causing at least a thrush of its oral cavity.

How is thrush manifested?

This is a pretty unpleasant disease, do not noticewhich is difficult. It manifests itself in the appearance of copious white discharge from the genital tract. They can be more liquid, can have a curdled consistency, an acidic smell. Allocations cause very pronounced itching of the genital organs, intensifying after urination, because of rubbing with linen, after sex.

How is the diagnosis made?

Treatment of thrush in pregnant women

The diagnosis is made according to the examination in the mirrors (this is possible during pregnancy, when a more gentle effect is applied), and also according to the most simple smear taken from the vagina. According to these data, the doctor should tell you how to treat thrush during pregnancy.

How to cope with thrush?

Before pregnancy, you could treat thrushpreparations "Fluconazole", "Diflucan" and other means. But treatment of thrush in pregnant women is very different, because these drugs are very harmful to the child.

Effective treatment of thrush is a course of candles"Pimafucin" (in the amount of 6 pieces per course). If necessary, the doctor will prescribe this drug. From the second trimester, the use of Candide gel or Clotrimazole supplements is helpful. Other medicines should be prescribed only by a doctor.

Effective treatment of thrush

During treatment of this disease it is important not to eatsweet. It is better to eat sour milk products and food that contains vitamin C (if there is no threat of miscarriage). It is also desirable to take multivitamin complexes. This is all to ensure that the beneficial bacteria that live in the vagina, earned, on their own, continuing to fight with thrush.

Advice of folk medics on how to treat thrush during pregnancy

1. Take a tablespoon of herbs, such as sage, yarrow, rosemary. Add 2 tbsp. spoons of bark of an oak. This composition pour three liters of boiling water, insist for about an hour. Then strain. When completely cool, you can syringe. You need to do this procedure 2 times a day.

2. Two tablespoons of St. John's wort infused with a glass of boiling water. Then put on a water bath, where and cook for 15 minutes. Hour to insist, drain. Use the same as the previous decoction.

3. Previously, the only advice that a woman received in response to a question about how to treat thrush during pregnancy was soda with a soda solution: 4 teaspoons were bred in a glass of hot water, cooled and syringed.

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