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Causes of sun allergy and methods of treatment

Most people at the mention of summerautomatically imagine a hot sun, a holiday at sea and trips to nature for cooking shish kebabs. Many in the summer acquire a swarthy-golden tan and restore the vitality spent during a long and cold winter. However, there is a type of people who simply can not enjoy the warm summer days in full. The reason for their inconvenience is a banal allergy to the sun, the causes of which can be very different. This disease is expressed in the form of appearance on the skin of a rash of red color, purulent rashes or edema.

causes of allergies to the sun

In order to avoid risk, it is necessary to knowcauses allergies to the sun. One of these can be a long stay on the street during peak hours of sun activity. At this point, open areas of the skin can be seriously affected. In addition, the causes of allergies to the sun include a combination of its rays with the pollen of some plants, chlorinated water and even some creams to protect the skin. This disease - a fairly frequent guest in people with endocrine pathologies of varying severity.

allergy to sun causes
In itself, the effect of sunlight can notenter the causes of allergy to the sun, as it can not cause irritation. However, it is the sun that stimulates the accumulation of the allergen in the human body, especially if it suffers from diseases of the liver, kidneys or adrenals.

In the cause of sun allergies you can turn ona strong weakening of the patient's immunity during long winter frosts, as well as a lack of various vitamins in the body and, as a consequence, metabolic disorders.

In most cases this type of disease is successfulis subjected to drug treatment. The main thing is to remember that when you have allergy symptoms you need to limit your stay time in the open sunlight.

In order to prevent the development of thisdisease, you need to work hard to improve the body. Kidney and liver are required to be brought to normal by using some special drugs that can be obtained on the advice of a doctor. Their goal is to fully normalize the activities of the bodies.

allergy to the sun pictures

Allergy to the sun, a photo of which is presented inthis article, causes some side effects, expressed in severe burning and itching of affected areas of the skin. To combat them, you can use various creams and ointments, which contain substances such as methyluracil, linolin and zinc. Various antihistamines also have a good effect.

There are various folk methods and meansto fight this disease. If the patient begins to exacerbate, and next to there is no pharmacy, you can always apply compresses and grated potatoes and cabbage leaves to the affected areas of the skin.

It should be remembered that allergy to sunlight is a temporary phenomenon. When the intensity of light falls, its signs can completely disappear, until the next summer period.

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