/ Milk thistle. Properties and applications

Schrot of milk thistle. Properties and applications

Milk thistle is well known to everyone since childhoodthistle. As in the case of most medicinal plants, its useful properties were revealed by our ancestors. Scientists came to scientific proof of the benefits of this plant. Milk thistle juice contains useful microelements and vitamins more than 150 titles. Studying the biochemical analysis of this plant, scientists discovered an extremely rare and unique biologically active substance - silymarin, which is a flavonoid complex. This compound is able to change the liver's cell membranes so that when dangerous poisons enter the body, their entry into cells is blocked. Silymarin also stimulates regeneration processes and helps synthesize a protein, protects hepatocytes, increases their resistance to various kinds of infections and poisonings.

Milk thistle is a product of processingseeds of a plant. This product is enriched with fiber, and it, in turn, acts as an excellent cleanser for the intestines, as a result of which a useful microflora is formed in it.

Recovering, cleansing and firmingthe effect is provided by the thistle shrout. Its application in protecting the liver from the negative effects and normalization of its functions is undoubtedly enormous. Consider hepatitis - one of the most terrible diseases, along with AIDS and cancer. Schrot from milk thistle and butter from its seeds can resist this disease. Vitamins, phospholipids and essential fatty acids protect and restore not only the liver, but also other tissues and organs.

Consider the meal of milk thistle. Its application is effective in cases when:

  • the body must be helped to overcome alcohol and drug addiction;
  • it is necessary to remove from the body by-products associated with the use of potent drugs;
  • additional funds are needed on the background of chemotherapy to restore the body;
  • the body needs to be restored after severe liver diseases.

The milk thistle application is also found indermatology. It is recommended for allergic skin diseases, dermatoses, vitiligo, alopecia, red flat lichen, psoriasis, etc. This remedy helps the body to suppress the production of histamines, which are directly related to headaches and allergic manifestations.

Schroth thistle reviews positive deserved byright. Its ability to accelerate the formation and withdrawal of bile helps normalize metabolic and digestive processes. This is a good reason to use it for serious diseases such as cholecystitis, cirrhosis, liver damage due to alcohol intoxication, poisonous fungi, chemical and drug compounds.

Milk thistle powder also has a positive effect in the prevention and treatment of varicose veins, diabetes mellitus.

I want to talk about the way thismedicinal product. If you have seeds of milk thistle, then the meal can be prepared by grinding them with a coffee grinder. Before meals, minutes for 25-30, the milk thistle shroud must be thoroughly chewed. We need about 1 tsp. To drink it follows a lot of slightly warm water. Be patient, because the course of admission is approximately one and a half to two months. If necessary, repeat this treatment and prophylaxis in a month.

To increase the biological value of products,taken by you to eat, safely use the milk thistle in the kitchen. You can indulge your liver and immunity with the help of phyto-tea, as well as using the thistle meal as additives in the preparation of various dishes. Your feedback will be only positive, and you will be able to share them with your friends.

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