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Skin-cap: reviews

Psoriasis is today one of the most urgent and,unfortunately, poorly solved problems in dermatology. It should also be noted, since the causes of psoriasis are still not fully understood, all drugs for treatment are aimed only at eliminating external manifestations of the disease. When the name of the drug "Skin-cap" is pronounced, reviews about which almost always cause a flood of diverse opinions, it seems that there is no more known drug in the pharmaceutical market to combat psoriasis.

The drugs for treating this serious illness,Affecting internal organs, reflected in the appearance of a person, there are many, but a significant breakthrough in the treatment of this disease has not been observed so far.

The drug "Skin-Cap" was created by the Spanishthe pharmaceutical company "Henoma International" and in 1995 appeared to Russia. The drug is positioned as a nonhormonal, very effective remedy, which has virtually no contraindications and leaves no traces on clothes. Products "Skin-cap" is presented in three types: aerosol, cream and shampoo. It should be noted that the drug "Skin-cap" is used not only in the treatment of psoriasis, but also other diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, inflammation of the skin.

About "Skin-cap aerosol" reviews are quite different,but in one they converge. The aerosol form is universal and can be useful to people working in sight. Aerosol is quickly absorbed, does not contaminate clothes and gives a quick cosmetic result. The drug is sprayed onto the skin from a distance of 15 centimeters 2-3 times a day until a good result is obtained. To fix the result, the aerosol is continued to be used for a week after the disappearance of the signs of the disease.

About shampoo "Skin-cap" reviews are the same as aboutaerosol. It is used for damage to the scalp. It is worth noting that the shampoo "Skin-cap" does not affect the hair and their color. The shelf life of aerosol and shampoo is five years. Storage temperature from 5 to 30 degrees. Shampoo is consumed 2-3 times a week for two weeks, and the entire treatment time for psoriasis is about one and a half months. With seborrhea treatment is 2 weeks.

Cream "Skin-cap" is used for severe drynessskin, in the treatment of skin diseases in children, for resorption of infiltrations and plaques. The cream has a great moisturizing power. The treatment time for psoriasis approximately lasts from 1 to 1.5 months.

About preparations "Skin-kap" responses happen andenthusiastic, and sharply negative, but we will call for help documents. For example, research materials from the University of Madrid indicate the absence of hormonal substances in this medicine, there is also a conclusion of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on the confirmation of these data and another letter from the management of the quality control department of medicines stating that the Skin-cap agent is safe to use.

In addition, about shampoo, cream and aerosol"Skin-cap" reviews can be ambiguous also because the drugs may simply not be suitable, since psoriasis is a severe disease and so far incapable of complete cure. It must be remembered that the therapy of this disease should be complex and include a diet, intake of vitamins, calcium, various soothing agents, sea bathing, sulfur baths.

Currently, psoriasis is one of the mostcommon skin diseases, which is not completely cured. And since the number of patients does not decrease, but only increases, any new medicine that appears to treat psoriasis will attract special attention. The drug "Skin-cap", the reviews of which cause such a violent reaction, is called a new word in the fight against psoriasis.

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