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Prevention of varicose veins

Prevention of varicose veins is sufficientan urgent issue throughout the world. It is a disease in which the lower limbs suffer. Most often it overcomes women, although men also often face this problem. And in the early stages of the disease, as a rule, do not notice, since it manifests itself in the form of small vascular asterisks and filaments on the legs, which subsequently only increase in size.

Why is it necessary to prevent varicose veins? The fact that ignoring the disease can lead to very serious consequences, for example, a thrombus is formed that blocks the blood flow in the limb. To a special group of risk can be attributed to people leading a sedentary lifestyle or engaged in mental work, because then you have to sit a lot. And remember that varicose veins are considered a chronic disease, so it can periodically become aggravated.

So, the prevention of varicose in the first placebased on a careful selection of shoes designed for everyday wearing. Women should be careful, especially lovers to walk on their heels. It is necessary that the shoes are comfortable to walk and the legs do not get tired. The optimal size of the heel on the shoes is 3-4 centimeters. And women of low stature are allowed to choose shoes with a heel not more than 7 centimeters. Of course, this does not mean that fashion boots with a hairpin will have to be forgotten once and for all. Just such shoes are designed for special occasions, for example, parties or other events. The same goes for clothes. During fitting, you need to make sure that the pants or stockings are not equipped with tight elastic bands that squeeze the limb and disrupt the blood flow.

The best prevention of varicose veins isregular exercise. A good result can give permanent classes shaping, visiting the pool and even a simple run in the morning. And at the end of a tiring working day, experts recommend performing an exercise called a bicycle. It contributes to the flow of blood and reduce the load on the limbs, you immediately notice how lightness appeared in the legs. If a person has to stay whole days in the office, then a small secret will help prevent varicose veins: every fifteen minutes you just need to tear off the heels from the floor, being in the vertical position, about 15 times.

Prevention of varicose veins should not beonly in exercises and choice of clothes, but also in the habits of man, many of which will have to be eliminated. For example, the desire to throw a foot on the foot should be immediately suppressed. This position is the main danger for blood vessels. Among addictions you want to note smoking and uncontrolled use of alcohol. In addition, people prone to varicose veins are advised not to take too hot a bath, as this leads to stagnation of blood in the lower limbs.

And those who have already encountered this disease, butit is at an early stage of development, it is worth buying specialized linen. Currently, there is a huge assortment of different stockings or tights used for varicose veins. The principle of their action is a tight fit to the body. Even before getting out of bed, the patient puts on stockings, which significantly reduces the pressure on the vessels during the day.

A very important factor is the dietrights. Treatment and prevention of varicose veins requires a complete review of food intake. It is necessary to abandon once and for all harmful additives and dishes, including fatty, spicy, salty and heavily sweet food. Such food leads to an increase in the number of cholesterol plaques, and hence, to the clogging of blood vessels. It's not a secret that proper nutrition will ensure a healthy life for many years. In addition, natural products help maintain a stable weight or even reduce it. And overweight is one of the many causes of the disease.

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