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Effective treatment of the thyroid gland at home

The work of the endocrine system is directly related tothyroid, which produces the necessary hormones. Violations in the process of their production lead to dysfunctions of the whole organism. The most common problems are the appearance of a tumor or goiter. Traditional treatment of thyroid nodules offers

Treatment of the thyroid gland in the home
many recipes. All of them are quite effective, because the cause of the disease is often the lack of nutrients in the diet. The best technique from which the thyroid gland is recovered is iodine treatment. It is found in products from all national recipes. In addition, they perfectly strengthen immunity, and therefore, the benefits from them are double.

Treatment with willow leaves

Collect the young willow leaves. Place in a large saucepan and pour in running water. Cook on low heat until almost all of the liquid is evaporated. The finished product should have a dark brown color and a thick consistency resembling sour cream. The resulting mass should be used as a medicinal ointment. Treatment of the thyroid gland in the home with this tool

Folk treatment of thyroid nodules
suggests applying it with a compress on the goiter. If possible, leave it overnight and do not rinse off in the morning. Daily repeating the procedure for several months can significantly improve your health.

Treatment of honey porridge

Unlike the previous recipe, this allowstry the result of your efforts to taste. And it turns out really appetizing! Take a glass of honey, a glass of peeled walnut and as much buckwheat. Chop the nuts with buckwheat in a coffee grinder. Honey warm in a water bath and mix with the resulting cereal flour. Stir thoroughly and eat the resulting portion per day. After three days, repeat the procedure. Such treatment of the thyroid gland in the home will take several months. If necessary, the course can be repeated after a month's break.

Thyroid gland: treatment with iodine
Walnut treatment

Dlia preparing this folk medicine for youwill require immature walnuts, rich in iodine. For example, make them a tincture. A handful of nuts should be crushed with the skin and poured into a jar of dark glass vodka. It will take half a liter, if you take medical alcohol, it will be enough for one glass. Insist the medication for two months, shaking from time to time. To start treatment of the thyroid gland at home, strain the fluid and drink a few spoons a day. Do it 30 minutes before eating. Another recipe: chop the nuts with the skin in the meat grinder and mix with an equal amount of natural honey. Insist in a dark place for a month. This treatment for the thyroid gland at home is as follows: before dinner, a tablespoon of honey mixture is eaten. In thirty days the course can be completed. After a ten-day break, take another one, and then take a break and repeat the course for the third time. For those who do not have allergies to honey, this treatment will be delicious and extremely effective.

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