/ Why does my head hurt?

Why does my head hurt?

Headache in the temples - this is the mosta common complaint with which most patients turn to treating neurological doctors. According to statistics, this deviation occurs in more than 70% of all adult inhabitants of our planet. Someone experiences these strong unpleasant sensations rarely, and someone lives with them continuously. But in any case, when such a pathology occurs, you should always contact the doctor, because the patient can significantly worsen his situation, doing self-medication.

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It should be noted that the headache clinicit is completely different, depending on the source of these unpleasant sensations and the causes of their occurrence. That is why, so that you are never bothered by such deviations, it is necessary to eliminate not the symptom described, but why it regularly appears.

In medical practice, there is enoughA long list of diseases that manifest themselves in this way. And in order to help you get rid of these unpleasant sensations, below we will consider the most common and probable cases in which the headache in the temples hurts.

  1. Such a symptom can arise due to a violation of the tone of the cerebral vessels (both arterial and venous).
  2. Vegetative disorder, namely intracranial hypertension or migraine.
  3. Sometimes my head hurts in temples because of high blood pressure.
  4. Infectious diseases, including tonsillitis.
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  5. Due to intoxication of the body (for example, hangover syndrome due to alcohol poisoning).
  6. When a headache, many people refer tothe fact that the reason lies in their physical health. But most often this deviation has a psychic origin. In this case, a person can feel aching and dull pain without a clear localization, which is accompanied by rapid fatigue, irritability, tearfulness and a penchant for hysterics. In addition, patients in such cases complain of general discomfort in the temporal region of the head, a sense of anxiety and the inability to concentrate on any matter.
  7. Individual ailments, in which the head hurtstemples, call such pathologies as migraines and cluster unpleasant sensations in the crown region. If you do not treat these pathologies in a timely manner, the pain can spread over the entire head and be accompanied by a feeling of nausea, resulting in vomiting. If the cause of a permanent headache is migraine, the person will often feel a significant decline in strength, as well as regularly complain of photophobia. Attacks in this case have a different duration (from 30 minutes to several days). With a protracted character, such a disease usually leads to a migraine stroke.
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  8. The causes of such pain can be violations in the hormonal sphere (for example, with menopause in women).
  9. Another fairly common cause of this ailment is the affected temporomandibular joint or temporal arteritis, which is characterized by a specific inflammation of the vascular walls.
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