/ Instructions for use. "Nika-Extra M": characteristics of the preparation and recommendations for use

Instructions for use. "Nika-Extra M": characteristics of the preparation and recommendations for use

The drug "Nika-Extra M pro", the instruction forthe use of which is given in this article, is an effective antimicrobial agent. It easily copes with a variety of viruses and bacteria (including tubercle bacillus).

Where to apply?

This product is very popular in many institutions, as it has an excellent antibacterial effect. Most often the solution of "Nika-Extra M" is used:

- in hospitals and preventive institutions;

instruction on the use of nickname extra m

- in schools and kindergartens;

- in canteens and other places of public catering;

- on public utilities.

Instructions for use: "Nika-Extra M"

The working solution is easy to prepare. To do this, it is desirable to use a glass, enamel or plastic container. In this case the product should be diluted with water. Depending on the purpose of disinfection, you need to prepare a solution of the correct concentration. The accepted norm of the funds is 0.3-20% of the total volume of the concentrate.

Methods of disinfection

As stated in the instruction manual, "Nika-Extra"M "is a tool that is recommended to be used in several ways. With it, you can wipe the floors, walls and furniture indoors. Also, this drug can be used as an effective means for soaking clothes and dipping dishes and medical equipment.

General characteristics

How does the concentrate describe the instructions for use? "Nika-Extra M" is an effective remedy that destroys viruses and bacteria. Has the following characteristics:

- destroys all kinds of pathogens of acute respiratory infections and influenza, and also copes with various bacteria, fungi and dermatophytes;

- does not contain components that form active chlorine;

- does not cause allergic reactions, and is also safe for the skin, while it has a pleasant smell;

- does not damage the working surfaces;

- can be used for medical instruments.

Recommendations for the use of the prepared solution

What other tips does the instruction manual contain? "Nika-Extra M" will provide a good effect only if used correctly.

nickname extra pro instructions for use

Dirty dishes and medical equipment, as well asthe laundry is immersed in the prepared solution, and then washed with a large amount of running water. Surfaces and hard furniture are wiped with a rag soaked in a liquid. In this case, this procedure must be repeated twice. Disinfect personal items of patients can be near their places.

Many studies have proven the effectiveness of this tool, so it can be used with confidence and know that all microbes will be destroyed.

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