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Hydrogen peroxide inside? Pity your body

Alternative medicine, no doubt,has the right to exist. Especially when it comes to medical practices that have been tested by time, such as manual or phytotherapy, homeopathy. But, unfortunately, non-traditional healers often offer such treatment methods, which otherwise can not be called dangerous. What are the only recommendations to drink hydrogen peroxide for the normalization of oxidation-reduction processes in the body. I must say that there is no scientific basis for such advice.

For the reader to understand what is at stake, here are some excerpts from such recommendations.

The authors of the methodology say that it is useful foreveryone who cares about their own health, because if there is a lack of oxygen, they say, there is a rotten food in our stomach. Taking hydrogen peroxide inside, we, allegedly, provide the body with atomic oxygen. It is difficult to say at which school this person was educated, but he does not have to doubt that he is not familiar with anatomy and chemistry.

First, hydrogen peroxide decomposes intoatomic oxygen only as a result of chemical reactions. This is known to any eighth-grader. In the stomach, the peroxide forms only ordinary oxygen O2 and water. Secondly, the oxygen in the lungs, but not in the digestive tract. There it will not bring any benefit, definitely.

If we look in the chemical directory, thenwe find such a characteristic of the substance: hydrogen peroxide (peroxide) - a compound with a record oxygen content. Apparently, it is on this basis that tips are taken to take hydrogen peroxide inside. However, the reference is concentrated substance, which differs significantly from that used in everyday life. Therefore, even about any more or less noticeable intake of oxygen into the body can not speak.

Frankly speaking, a healthy organism hydrogen peroxide in the concentration that is offered by modern healers will not hurt. Especially when it comes to short-term exposure.

In the pharmacy chain you can only buy peroxidethree percent. Two drops from the pipette will be approximately 0.5 ml. If this amount is diluted with two tablespoons of water (about 30 ml), we get a solution of very low concentration. Given the fact that hydrogen peroxide is an unstable substance, such a hydrogen peroxide is like drinking pure water. In this light, both the harm and benefit of such treatment are extremely questionable.
The assertion that molecular hydrogenactively involved in the formation of free radicals, which provoke the aging of the organism, also has a very unstable soil. The human stomach has nothing to do with the chemical laboratory. Therefore, it would be more logical to assume that everything in it comes out naturally through the intestine.

Burn the stomach mucosa, taking hydrogen peroxide inside, too, is unlikely to succeed. After all, a solution of weak concentration is used to rinse your throat or mouth with stomatitis and pharyngitis.

Conventional peroxide is capable of exploding without visiblereasons. In order to understand the effect of such an effect, it should be recalled that as a result of storage, peroxide breaks up into water and gas. If the container is not completely filled, free oxygen accumulates under the lid. When a certain concentration is achieved, the slightest shake provokes an explosion. I must say that the glass bottle at the same time is scattered into fragments. However, this happens only with peroxide concentration of 33%, provided that the container is tightly closed. As you can see, it is also not necessary to expect an explosion in the stomach. Therefore, it can be said that the damage and benefit of peroxide is somewhat exaggerated. Instead of taking hydrogen peroxide inside, go to the forest for a walk, in order to provide the body with useful oxygen.

Ardent adherents of alternative medicine recommendhydrogen peroxide not only orally but also intravenously. According to their assurances, this method helps to get rid of many ailments, including cancer. This issue can not be left without attention, since such healing can well lead to death.

More reasoned to explain the harm of suchtreatment can only be a qualified physician. However, one should be aware that relying on the scientific methods of treatment, the patient loses the most precious - time. After all, any disease is more difficult to cure if it is started.

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