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Herpes - acne on the penis

Imagine the situation. Wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom and the toilet - the usual beginning of the day. In the same place you discover that you have acne on the penis. What to do? Where to run? And the main question is where? Immediately I will calm you, it is likely that this is a minor problem. First, let's look at what this phenomenon is possible. As you know, the penis can be influenced by external or internal factors. Believe me, even if you live with your spouse, without changing one another, this phenomenon can not bypass you. On the other hand, such signals are bells from your body that you are not all right.

For example, banal avitaminosis can result inrashes on the penis. In this case, it means that your immune system can not cope with external and internal pathogens. It is necessary to make a careful analysis of the food used and make a diet, including vitally important vitamins. However, this is a special case. So to say "light variant". For an accurate diagnosis, of course, be sure to show your doctor. He in turn, in addition to the examination will appoint some tests. It does not take you a lot of work or free time.

A standard set of actions for a urologist is an examination,analysis of a smear from the urethra and a blood test. If you find red spots on the penis, like a rash on your face (even if only in a single copy), then most likely you have herpes. This is also not lethal and is treated for a couple of weeks. Typical signs of herpes: itching of the foreskin, covering the white shrouded head of the penis, rash with red pimples and pain while rolling out the foreskin. Herpes, of course, has a scientific justification, but from experience I will say - quite often this is a consequence of reduced immunity and greater stress.

The fact is that your flora (male) with sexualThe act comes into contact with the female flora. This causes various microchemical processes, often accompanied by a smell. If you are all right with the body, then your immunity (your flora) neutralizes harmful pathogens of female flora (even in healthy women). If the body is weakened and has suffered stress, then the attack of the "enemy" flora is poured into herpes, and he - into acne on the penis. It is worth noting that sometimes even sex with a condom does not save from herpes, since the development of this disease requires a grain of female flora, and sometimes simply weakened immunity and constant stresses.

The process of herpes disease occurs inthe following form. First you have red spots on the penis. Then it becomes painful to have sex, because the foreskin is compressed. Then there is an itch and a veil at the same time. This process becomes unbearable, as the veil starts to cloud, and acne - to burst. As a result, the itching intensifies. Need I say, what discomfort does it cause? You are constantly scratching, the faded flesh bare the tissues themselves, and go to the toilet painfully (as urine, getting on this flesh, bakes). For a beginner, this picture, even at an early stage, may seem very scary. It can also create problems in a relationship with his wife or girlfriend.

In order to avoid consequences and reducemoral and temporal limits of treatment, it is necessary at once when acne on the penis starts to appear, go to the doctor. If it is herpes, then it has two forms - the first and second degree. The first degree is the main development of the disease. The second degree is dynamic development. Of course, this is in your own words, so that the reader can assess the degree of infection without having medical education. The above tests will show immediately the presence / absence of infection with fungal infections and both types of herpes.

If everything went relatively smoothly and you have only herpes, then usually the treatment looks like:

- Antiviral tablets;

- antifungal tablets;

- tablets for immunity;

- Ointment day time;

ointment night;

- injections of herpesvirus immunoglobulin.

As I said, the treatment takes about 15 days. In this case, the doctor evaluates the intensity of treatment. As practice shows, only after the course of ointments and tablets you obviously need to notice improvement (the shroud and itching will pass, and the amount of pimples on the penis will decrease). After completing the entire course, you need to go through repeated tests and continue to live your life. Remember that hygiene plays a huge role.

During treatment and some time after itthe penis should be washed with baby soap. It is also desirable to stay away from sexual activity and from alcohol in general. Herpes is not a fungal disease, it's an infection. So, it is already in your body at birth (as well as many others). If you have found out pimples on a member one morning, do not panic - it's not so scary. It is better to prepare for the conversation your half.

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