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Electronic hookah is harmful or not? We evolve myths

Not so long ago, electronichookahs, which immediately interested young people. Opinions about the smoking device were divided. Many believed that he had nothing to do with the traditional hookah. Time passed, and such statements became much less. Many people are interested, the electronic hookah is harmful or not. To answer this question, it is necessary to consider in detail what the device consists of and whether it is necessary to use tobacco.

electronic hookah is harmful or not

We get acquainted with an electronic hookah

In order to understand what iselectronic hookah, it is enough to consider its complete set and understand the principle of operation. It consists of several cylinders, which are comfortable to hold in hands, mouthpieces, cartridges and battery.

The taste of the resulting steam is directly dependent on whether,what kind of liquid for the electronic shisha will be used. In specialized stores there is a huge selection of cartridges, everyone can find for himself the taste that he has been looking for.

If you like to mix flavors, you should think about buying a hookah, in which you could use several cartridges.

What are its advantages?

Starbuzz - electronic hookah, the price for whichis quite high (about 8,000 rubles). Heavy smokers are actively interested in what are the advantages of the device in front of the traditional hookah? And they are actually quite a lot. It is necessary to highlight the main positive points:

  1. If you use cartridges for electronic hookahs without nicotine, you can safely say that they are absolutely safe for health.

  2. Has a compact size. Any fashionista can safely put a hookah in her purse or glove box.

  3. Permitted for smoking in public places.

  4. There is no danger of burning yourself or setting up a fire, since you do not need to use coals.

  5. Stylish accessory.

Fans of smoking a hookah can find more weightadvantages, the main thing is that the taste of the steam practically does not differ from traditional tobaccos. And on the frequently asked question about whether the electronic hookah is harmful or not, experts give an unambiguous answer - it is completely safe for a person if you use cartridges without nicotine.

liquid for electronic hookah

The process of smoking

Those who smoked a traditional hookah, for surefamiliar with the procedure for its preparation. Buying an electronic device, you can forget that you need to kindle coal, draw water in a flask, look for foil, make holes on it of the appropriate size, and slaughter tobacco. All these manipulations will remain in the past, because with electronic hookah everything is much simpler.

After the device is purchased, detailed consideration and study of the instructions attached to it, you can begin the process of smoking. For this you need:

  1. Insert the mouthpiece into the cylinder. Twist it counter-clockwise.

  2. Consider cartridges for electronic hookahs. If the instrumentation allows, you can use immediately 2 liquids with different flavors and flavors. Do not forget to remove the stubs from them.

  3. Place them in specially designed holes for it, tighten securely.

  4. Close the cylinder cover.

  5. Insert the battery.

  6. Make some deep puffs. After the thick smoke goes, you can start the process of smoking.

It is worth noting that the battery to the device is sold uncharged, so do not forget to prepare it, charging a minimum of 4 hours from the mains.

On each device there is an indicator, if it starts to flash, it will mean that the battery will soon sit down. In this case, the process of smoking should be interrupted and the battery should be recharged.

cartridges for electronic hookahs

Composition of the cartridge

Buying a similar device, many are interested,electronic hookah is harmful or not. Experts argue that it can be safely smoked even by athletes and those who lead a healthy lifestyle. The restriction is only for pregnant women and people under the age of 18 years.

The thing is that the electronic device is notseparates the elements of combustion (tar, nicotine) that are present when smoking a traditional hookah. Steam is formed by special cartridges that are heated at a certain temperature. In this case, the liquid consists of several substances:

  • Glycine is an absolutely safe remedy, which is widely used in medicine and cosmetology.

  • Propylene glycol. Scientifically proven that the substance does not harm the human body, getting into the blood, is processed into lactic acid.

And, of course, distilled water and flavors, which are part of the composition, certainly can not adversely affect the overall health.

starbuzz electronic hookah price

We hope that after reading the article you do not havethere was no doubt whether the electronic hookah is harmful or not. Experts in this field assure that if you use a cartridge that does not contain nicotine, the device does not do any harm. Therefore, you can safely purchase an electronic hookah and enjoy fragrant smoke.

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