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Liquid extract of Eleutherococcus

The liquid extract of Eleutherococcus is aA product with a specific peculiar smell and dark brown color. Its composition includes rhizomes and roots of the plant, as well as forty-percent ethyl alcohol.

Eleutherococcus extract, instructions indicates this, is a general tonic drug of natural origin.

This drug has a powerfulstimulating effect on the central nervous system, enhances the activity of conditioned reflexes, increases motor activity, positively affects the mental capacity for work of a person. In addition, the liquid extract of Eleutherococcus reduces fatigue from physical stress, improves the quality of hearing and vision, normalizes the metabolism and adaptive abilities of the body.

The considered pharmaceutical preparation has a general strengthening effect, which favorably affects the effectiveness of treatment of patients suffering from various ailments.

Liquid extract of Eleutherococcus. Indications for use

Since this medication has adaptogenic, stimulating and tonic properties, it is used in the following diseases:

  • asthenia;
  • functional depletion of the central nervous system;
  • neurasthenia;
  • convalescence (as a result of transferred infectious and somatic diseases);
  • arterial hypotension.

In addition, it helps to cope with mental and physical fatigue, and, as a consequence, with a decrease in efficiency, as well as with increased drowsiness.

Recommended use and dosagethe following: adults and children who have reached the age of twelve are prescribed from twenty to thirty drops at least half an hour before meals (preferably in the morning). The duration of the standard course of treatment is from twenty-five days to a month.

As for side effects, theymanifest themselves with individual intolerance of any component of the drug. Eleutherococcus extract (liquid), testimonials confirm this, with prolonged use may cause increased blood pressure, as well as fluid retention in the body (which in rare cases leads to the appearance of edema). If one of the above reactions occurs, the drug should be discontinued.

Liquid extract of Eleutherococcus is contraindicated inhypersensitivity to its components, arterial hypertension, heart rhythm disorders, myocardial infarction, epilepsy, increased nervous excitability, febrile and convulsive states, sleep disorders, and also in the acute period of the course of the infectious disease.

This remedy is not recommended for women nursing a child, nursing mothers, or children under the age of twelve.

Symptoms of drug overdose may be the following: headache, insomnia, tachycardia (rarely), a sense of anxiety and irritability.

As for his interaction with otherdrugs, it should be noted that this extract enhances the effect of analeptics and psychostimulants (among them caffeine, phenamine, camphor and others). In addition, this medication is a physiological antagonist of drugs that depress the work of the central nervous system (tranquilizers, barbiturates, antiepileptics, and others).

Among the special instructions is a recommendation for taking medication in the first half of the day, as it can cause sleep disturbances, as well as the need to monitor blood pressure indicators.

The shelf life of the extract is four years. It can be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription.

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