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Treatment of dermatitis in a child taking into account the etiology

Dermatitis is an inflammatory lesion of the skincovers, which in most cases occurs under the influence of unfavorable external factors. This pathology among toddlers is registered more often, as their skin is more sensitive and tender. In addition, the immune system of the child's organism is still unstable, and the intestinal microflora is immature, which further increases the risk of dermatological lesions.

treatment of dermatitis in children
Treatment of dermatitis in a child, if the disease occurs under the influence of fungi

With fungal (seborrheic) dermatitis is affectedskin of the neck, limbs, scalp. Almost every newborn has this pathology registered. Mostly this lesion does not require specific treatment and disappears on its own until 6 weeks of life.

Externally, seborrheic dermatitis is manifested in yellowscales and skin peeling. In the treatment of this disease, bolts are most commonly used, which include levomycetin alcohol, sea buckthorn oil. When using them, the crusts soften and easily remove. To eliminate the fungus on the scalp, it is recommended to use special shampoos with an antifungal base.

Treatment of dermatitis in a child, if the disease is caused by allergic reactions

Atopic dermatitis is specifican allergic reaction of the child's body. In most cases, such a skin lesion is manifested by redness and a rash, which is accompanied by severe itching. A sick child is excited, crying, not sleeping well.

how to treat dermatitis in children

How to treat dermatitis in children, if at its basisare allergic reactions? The key to successful therapy is the complete elimination of contact with the allergen, which provokes skin lesions. A hypoallergenic diet and consultation of a psychoneurologist or a psychologist is recommended for sick children, since similar dermatological problems can occur against the background of psychological disorders and constant stresses.

Medical treatment of dermatitis in a child inThis case consists in taking sedatives and antihistamines. To reduce the itching of the skin, special ointments and pastes are prescribed for external use. A positive effect is provided by bathing a sick child in the broths of chamomile, string and St. John's wort.

In severe cases, ointments can be prescribed, inwhose composition includes hormones. If bacterial flora is attached, the affected areas of the skin should be treated with local antibacterial and antiseptic agents.

diaper dermatitis in children
Treatment of dermatitis in a child, if the disease occurs with skin irritation

Skins of babies are extremely sensitiveto any irritants (to feces, urine, cosmetics, wet or synthetic diapers). In order not to develop diaper dermatitis in children, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin, using only natural based products, to carry out air baths and, if necessary, to use pastes containing zinc, lanolin, and also broth of the turn or tincture of calendula. The main thing in the treatment of this disease is the elimination of the irritating factor.

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