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Deforming arthrosis

Deforming arthrosis affects first of all articular cartilage, on which there are cracks, erosions, sores. Damages lead to the fact that
The cartilage is so thin that the bones begin to rub against each other, and each
movement causes pain. Deforming arthrosis affects the most common knee and hip joints. Simultaneously with the cartilage, bone tissues also change, forming at the edges of the joint growths that compensate for the loss of cartilage. Deforming osteoarthritis initially causes minor pain when walking or climbing the stairs. Gradually the pain intensifies and becomes permanent. Often deforming arthrosis leads to disability.

Deforming spondylarthrosis (another namedisease) is diagnosed with the help of synovial fluid research, blood analysis, joint radiographs. Additional methods of examination are ultrasound and thermographic examination that detect inflammatory processes in the joints and tissues. Magnetic resonance imaging allows you to assess the state of the cartilage and ligament device layer by layer, which makes it possible to accurately determine the damaged area. Deforming arthrosis must be treated. First of all, you need to normalize weight, limit intake of carbohydrates and fats. Physicians
recommend changing the position of the body more often, moremove. When moving, joints and blood circulation improve. It is believed that swimming is the best physical activity in this disease. During swimming, cartilage is not
is loaded, but the muscles that surround the joint are strengthened and trained.
Patient with arthrosis is very useful therapeuticgymnastics. It is desirable to wear a bandage and knee pads, it is better to use a cane or a stick for support. In the absence of contraindications, physiotherapy is prescribed, massage is helpful. Courses of therapeutic massage help to improve well-being, to remove
painful spasm of muscles, improve nutrition and circulation of cartilage.

Drugs are prescribed depending onof the degree of joint damage. Good results show the drug arthrofoon, which contains special proteins, through which the immune system restores the damaged joint. Anesthetics should be used with extreme caution.

Very useful is the use of chondroprotectors, which not only relieve pain, but also
help maintain and strengthen healthy cartilage cells, slowing down the progression
arthrosis. Folk recipes include wrapping cabbage leaves,
mother-and-stepmother, burdock, poultices from flax seeds, compresses from radish and horseradish.
Good Russian steam and self-massage. But these procedures are contraindicated in vascular diseases.

When most of the cartilage is affected,endoprosthetics with the help of surgical intervention. This operation is complex and expensive, but its results persist for 20 years. The load on the operated limb can begin in the first few days after the operation.

When arthrosis of the knee joint is usefulmassage of the lower limb. At the same time, direct loading of the affected joint should be avoided, otherwise the development of inflammatory processes in it can be accelerated. With minor damage to the cartilaginous tissue, drugs that contain glucosamine sulfate, which are obtained from the shells of marine animals, are helpful. These
drugs significantly improve joint mobility and metabolism in
cartilage tissue. Successful treatment largely depends on the stage at which the disease is located and which joint is affected. Balneotherapy, mud and treatment in the marine climate are shown.

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