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"Ribomunil" for children: instruction for use

At any age we want to be healthy. To achieve this goal, many people adhere to a healthy lifestyle. And getting sick, they use medicines. To strengthen the respiratory system, you can, in particular, use "Ribomunil" - a medicinal product of bacterial origin, which strengthens the human immune system. The medicine can be taken by both adults and children. But its effect on the child's body is somewhat different from the response of an adult organism, so apply "Ribomunil" to children only after consulting a pediatrician.

pharmachologic effect

"Ribomunil" is a medicinalcomplex. Ribosomes from the preparation contain antigens, which, when ingested into a human body, cause the formation of antibodies to viruses. That is, the effect of vaccination is observed. The use of this drug can shorten treatment time and reduce the dose of antibiotics taken.

However, to wait on this medicationThe immediate effect is not necessary. Since "Ribomunil" forces the patient's body to independently develop antibodies, the process of recovery will not be rapid.

"Ribomunil" for children: instructions for use

The drug "Ribomunil" followsApply strictly according to the scheme suggested in the instructions, observing the dosage associated with the child's age. The smallest (from the age of six months, but not earlier!) Is recommended to take the drug in granules, which are dissolved in warm, boiled water. Children over six months of age use tablets on an empty stomach once a day in the morning.

Begin taking Ribomunil for children(the instruction advises to drink them by a course within 5 months) follows only after careful inspection at the children's doctor. Regardless of the age, a single dose of the drug is 3 tablets of 0.25 mg or 1 tablet of 0.75 mg, or all of the granules from 1 sachet.

In the first month of treatment and for preventionThis medication is taken every day from Monday to Thursday for three weeks. In the next time only the first four days are monthly.

"Ribomunil" for children (reviews of patients areconfirm) is best to start taking in the spring. Because for the summer the children's organism will have time to develop antiviral protection and fall, with its slush, rains and runny nose the child will meet fully armed. But, however, it is decided by the attending physician. He also advises and change the dosage, if during the course of treatment or immediately after its termination the child still fell ill. Usually in such cases, the doctor does not cancel the appointment of "Ribomunil", since it only enhances the effect of medications prescribed for treatment: antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.

The pediatrician should warn that at the initial intake of the medication for 2-3 days the temperature may rise, a runny nose may appear. But this does not mean that treatment should be stopped.

Virtually all drugs have someside effects, not an exception, and "Ribomunil" for children. Instructions for use of the drug indicate that this usually occurs when taking the drug at the maximum dose or with a long course of therapy, or when treating several drugs at once. Possible and some individual intolerance of the components of "Ribomunil". Usually, side effects at the beginning of treatment are manifested as vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. There may be angioedema or urticaria. When showing signs, you need to see a doctor.

"Ribomunil" for children, instructions for use(otitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, etc.), as well as chronically ill bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheitis and other diseases of the respiratory tract.

The medicine can be administered to children who havechronic ENT diseases, are prone to respiratory diseases. However, children who are hypersensitive to the drug or have autoimmune diseases, this drug should be used cautiously.

It must be remembered that "Ribomunil" isa medicine that can not be drunk on its own without consulting a doctor! It will only benefit if the pediatrician under the supervision is properly administered. The drug is only available on prescription.

Store "Ribomunil" in a place inaccessible to small children. Period of application of granules is 3 years, tablets - 5 years. Remember that you can not use expired drugs!

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