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Pulmex Baby Medication: instructions for use

Ointment "Pulmeks Baby" is intended for outdoor useapplication in pediatrics. The medicine refers to expectorant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic topical agents. About the drug "Pulmex Baby" reviews are generally positive. The drug allows you to quickly eliminate the symptoms of diseases of the respiratory tract. The medicine is especially effective in the initial stages of the disease. In addition, the drug is characterized by good tolerability.

The mechanism of action of the "Pulmex Baby" device is provided by the components included in the composition. Active ingredients: essential oil rosemary and eucalyptus, Peruvian balsam (without resins), camphor.

The medicine "Pulmeks Baby" instruction advisesUse as an additional remedy for pathologies in the respiratory tract. To diseases, in particular, include bronchitis, infectious-inflammatory and infectious lesions in the upper regions of the respiratory tract, complicated by cough.

Pulmex Baby's Instruction Manual recommendsuse in the treatment of children with half a year. For patients from six months to three years, a small amount of the drug is applied to the upper back and chest area. Frequency of application - a day twice. Patients older than three years are allowed to apply the drug up to three times a day.

It is allowed to lightly rub the ointment until it is completely absorbed. Then the place of application should be covered with a cloth (warm and dry).

In clinical practice there are registeredcases of drug overdose. Most often, the symptoms appear after getting the medicine inside, after applying to the mucous membrane, in rare cases - on the skin.

When an overdose of nausea, headache, spastic pain in the abdomen, redness of the face, dizziness, convulsions, coma, oppression of the central nervous system.

To facilitate the condition, symptomatic therapy is performed. If the drug gets inside, prescribe salt laxative, activated charcoal, gastric lavage.

The drug "Pulmeks Baby" instruction does not admit to prescribing for hypersensitivity to components, and also in the presence of a convulsive syndrome in an anamnesis (medical history).

Do not prescribe a remedy during pregnancy. Strictly controlled and adequate clinical studies of the safety of the use of funds during the period of bearing of the child were not carried out. The camphor, which is part of the medicine, is able to penetrate the placental barrier.

There is no reliable information on the ability of active substances to excrete with breast milk. In this regard, the use of the drug "Pulmex Baby" instruction does not recommend during lactation.

Use of the product may cause skin allergic reactions. As a rule, they are associated with the action of Peruvian balsam.

Some special instructions

On damaged areas, places of burns ormucous (in particular the mouth and nose) should not be applied medicine. It is necessary to ensure that the drug does not penetrate into the mouth or eyes. If accidentally ingested on mucous areas, they should be rinsed with cool water.

The drug has no irritating effect on healthy skin, does not leave traces on clothes.

If any negative symptoms occur, you should consult a doctor.

The drug "Pulmeks Baby" is not prescribed and is not used in children until six months.

When using the drug, there was no clinically significant interaction with other medicines.

The medicine "Pulmex Baby" should be stored at a temperature not more than thirty degrees, not longer than five years.

Despite the fact that you can buy the drug without a prescription, use it in the treatment of children should monitor the doctor.

Before using the Pulmex Baby Ointment, you need to study the annotation.

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