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Aching shoulder. What should I do?

The most unique joint of the human body isfunctional ability and structure can be called a shoulder. Excessive stresses on this structure can lead to inflammatory processes of a local nature. Their consequence is the appearance of local edema, joint effusion, partial rupture of the tendon. Patients present the following complaint: the shoulder hurts.

This joint has a high enough strength, but at too high loads it can be damaged, which leads to a disruption of its functions. Therefore, there are pains in the shoulder.

By the mechanisms of occurrence, this symptom can bedivided into several types. The first refers to the pain that occurs in the upper part of the shoulder. It can spread to other parts of the body. Therefore, frequent complaints of patients are pain in the neck and shoulder. Sometimes they are joined by the phenomena of numbness and parasthesia. A common cause that leads to the appearance of such a condition is the intervertebral hernia, which clamps the nerve roots leaving the spinal cord. This generates a characteristic edema, which is the cause of increased pain.

Rare, however, an important reason for the development of suchstates is capsulitis. It represents a state of stiffness of the muscles, which is accompanied by characteristic pain sensations. It is characterized by a gradual development, during which the limb loses its ability for voluntary movements, or they become severely limited. The shoulder hurts with this disease severely, but this symptom quickly passes with timely and adequate therapy.

When performing non-standard movements (whencolor of the ceiling), the rotating cuff of the shoulder is often damaged. On the day of traumatization there are no characteristic symptoms. The next day the patient goes to the doctor and says: "The shoulder hurts." This sign appears when the limbs are raised above the horizontal level. The peculiarity of this disease is the absence on the roentgenogram of characteristic features.

Another reason for the development of pain in the shoulderThe joint is a tendo bursitis, which is an inflammation of the bags of this structure. The main cause of the development of such a disease is the calcification of the tendons of muscles. It is characterized by the appearance of pain in the shoulder region, which can radiate in the forearm, arm and neck, a significant limitation of passive and active movements in it.

The most common reasons thatthe development of this symptom is tendonitis, which can occur in the biceps brachium muscle, bursitis, "collision" syndrome, traumatic injuries, recurrent dislocations, tumors, hereditary anomalies of the anatomical structure, diseases of the internal organs, and humeropathy periarthrosis. Common to them will be the presence of the following complaint: the shoulder hurts.

Under the syndrome of "collision" is understoodpathological deposits of calcium salts, which causes calcification of the articular ligaments. It is characterized by the appearance of pains of a constant and intense nature that arise when the limbs are withdrawn to a horizontal level.

When traumatic injuries occurThe condition at which the head of the humerus "flies" out of its physiological place in the joint. Sometimes there are tendon ruptures that provide the rotational function of the limb. Such damage is characterized by a permanent loss of joint function.

When diseases of internal organs canthere is an irradiation of pain in the shoulder. This is typical for the following diseases: pneumonia, liver pathology, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, tumors, cervical radiculitis.

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