/ What if brown spots on the skin?

What if the skin has brown spots?

Brown spots on the body most often occur inmature age, when the aging process begins. As a rule, they are formed as a reaction to the sun's rays, that is, under the influence of ultraviolet, the synthetic development of the substance responsible for the color is activated. It is called a pigment.

If brown spots develop on the skin in humansyoung, so you should think about your own health. After all pigmentation in a young organism can not occur without the presence of valid reasons. In the female half of the population, this is usually associated with a certain hormonal malfunction, for example, during pregnancy or taking strong contraceptives. To stimulate the development of spots can also use poor-quality cosmetics or the use of serious medicines.

The most noticeable brown spots in the fair-skinnedof people. At the same time, their structure does not differ from other sites in any way, that is, they do not stand out as a mole. Since pigmentation is a consequence of exposure to ultraviolet light, the most affected are considered to be hands, face and back, that is, those parts that are most often open. As a rule, the patient discovers several spots at once, they do not form alone.

It should be understood that appearing on the skinbrown spots are not necessarily a pigment. In some cases, the flat spot, which gradually increases in size, is a special type of skin cancer, that is, it is malignant and requires immediate treatment. While pigmented spots are considered absolutely safe and in no way threaten human health.

However, many representatives of the beautifulsex presence of such small points leads to the development of complexes and a feeling of extreme discomfort in society. Therefore, they prefer to get rid of them in order to satisfy the aesthetic need.

Currently, experts offer a hugea variety of products and drugs that can protect the skin from excessive sunlight. This reduces the risk of developing dark dots. And for the advanced stage of pigmentation, the laser therapy that has become widespread recently has been used. It is very effective and has only one drawback - the high cost of the proposed procedure.

In addition, brown spots on the skin can beto withdraw with the help of traditional medicine. A wide range of different methods and methods is offered. Which one to choose, a person must determine independently, depending on their own preferences and desires. It is known that most often in the fight against brown spots used lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, garlic, red onions and even yogurt.

For example, lemon juice has strongwhitening properties, therefore, with its regular application, it is possible to reduce in size even brown stains on the legs. It is enough several times a day to lightly massage the lemon juice into the part of the body that has undergone pigmentation. For this procedure, suitable as freshly squeezed juice, and sold in stores drink. After such a massage, do not go out into the open sun, as the skin becomes more vulnerable and pigmentation can only intensify.

Apple cider vinegar is able to intensify the workcells of the skin and promotes its rapid renewal. To remove brown spots, rub the affected area with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar. After the procedure, the skin should not be washed, since the vinegar absorbs quickly enough.

When using red onions, onlyits juice. Then, with the pads of the fingers, we process the spots well, leave them for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water. The procedure is repeated several times a day, and the result will not be long in coming: brown spots appearing on the skin will gradually disappear.

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