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Why does the heel hurt? There are many reasons

With pains in the heels collides, according to one data,every eighth, on the other - every tenth. But regardless of the statistics, the pain in the heel indicates the presence of serious problems. Ignoring these manifestations is dangerous, as they lead to deformation of the joints of the feet, as well as to loss of motion. Why does the heel hurt? Many reasons can lead to inflammatory processes of the calcaneus and tendons. The cause of pain can be heel spurs. Let's consider the main variants of the onset of pain syndrome.

why does the heel hurt?
Why does the heel hurt during movement? The pain in this area of ​​the foot when walking is caused by inflammation of the tissues, possible arthritic changes in the calcaneus itself, damage or stretching of the tendons. Most often from the above reasons, there are problems with tendons: stretching, damage or inflammation of the Achilles tendon. In this case, the pain will be located above the heel at the back. The nature of pain is drawing.

Inflammation of muscle tissue on the heels cancause complications after chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases. We must not forget that sexually transmitted diseases affect not only the internal sexual organs. They give serious complications to the joints, bones and muscles. Transition of the disease into a chronic one is always fraught with disorders in the locomotor apparatus.

sore heel sideways
Another reason why the heel hurts isarthritic changes in calcaneus. In simple words, you can say so, the deposition of salts. The cause may be malnutrition. Flattening also leads to deformation. Arthritic changes occur in people who are forced to work standing, without changing postures (sellers, hairdressers, workers on the conveyor).

If the heel hurts from the side, then probably thisa disease called "fasciitis" - inflammation of the calcaneus tissue, which is accompanied by compaction. Pain occurs in the morning after sleep, in the afternoon it ceases and returns in the evening. If it hurts along the edges of the heel and from behind, then it is probably bursitis, an inflammation of the tendon bag and Achilles tendon.

It hurts to attack, the heel is a spur, a growth oncalcaneus. This is a fairly common disease. The nature of pain is acute, piercing. Especially she worries in the morning after sleep. But with prolonged illness the pain becomes permanent, in severe cases - acute and unceasing.

heel heel hurt
There is another type of pain syndrome inheel. Pain occurs most often in boys (at risk children 9-13 years old) with a large motor load. This disease is called "apophysite". Its signs are similar to the heel spur - also a built-up on the calcaneus appears. The difference is that the spur appears on one heel, and the apophysite immediately on both. With appropriate treatment and rehabilitation at an older age, this disease passes, sometimes even without a trace.

The reasons why the heel hurts are many. Identify the cause itself is almost impossible, because for an accurate diagnosis you need the appropriate equipment. The council here can be one - do not delay with a visit to the doctor. The chronic condition is always harder to treat. But after you are diagnosed, you can take the initiative and choose the ways of treatment to your liking. Someone will stick to the advice of doctors, and someone will be treated with folk remedies.

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