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Diarrhea in children: what to treat and when you can worry?

diarrhea in children than to treat

Severe diarrhea in a baby is slightly different froma similar problem in adults. Pediatricians claim that liquid stools are perfectly normal for babies, because their diet is based on mother's milk and liquid food in general. However, in some cases this is a very dangerous sign - diarrhea in children. Than to treat an intestinal disorder, it is necessary to know, since it can provoke dehydration of the body.

Reasons for concern

In what cases can you cope with the diseaseon your own, and when you need to show the baby to the doctor? Pay attention to the following signs. First, the age of a small patient. The liquid stool of the baby, for example, is much more dangerous than the child's diarrhea of ​​2 years of life. Secondly, be sure to measure the temperature - if the thermometer shows above 38 degrees, call for an ambulance. Thirdly, the accompanying symptoms. If diarrhea is accompanied by vomiting, convulsions, hysterical crying, a sharp decrease in weight, skin rashes, mucus and traces of blood are found in the feces - all this indicates serious enough diseases requiring professional help.

severe diarrhea


Diarrhea in children - what to treat? This question is the most popular on the so-called "babe" forums. Meanwhile, in a number of cases, he should not disturb his parents at all. As mentioned above, if you feed your baby with breast milk or nutritional formulas, his stool, for natural reasons, will retain a liquid consistency. As the child grows, his feces will change: so, within a few days after birth, the chair is black and green (this is called "meconium"). Then for two or three months the excrement should be yellowish, golden or even green - this is perfectly normal. The first four months the baby "walks a lot" six to ten times a day - this should not cause the slightest cause for concern. When you begin to introduce solid foods into your diet, the chair should become firmer. Then the question "diarrhea in children than to treat" has all the grounds.

diarrhea in a child 2 years old

Causes and symptoms

In order to determine what exactlyprovoked problems with defecation, doctors advise to pay attention to the overall clinical picture. For example, if the diarrhea opens suddenly, while the baby gets a temperature jump, the whole thing may be a viral intestinal infection or banal food poisoning. Also, babies often become victims of intestinal parasites due to their addiction to pull objects into the mouth, picked up from the floor or from the ground. If the liquid stool is accompanied by weight loss and bloating, the reason is likely to be an allergic reaction, lactose deficiency or dysbiosis. Attempts to engage in self-treatment in all these cases are strictly prohibited. Cutting teeth can also cause diarrhea in children. Than to treat the ill child? Only a doctor can decide this. All that parents can do in this case is to try to prevent dehydration.

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