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Ozone therapy. Reviews only

What is ozone therapy? This is a modern method for treating many diseases with the use of ozone.

Modern medicine is developing and is moving forward,offering new methods of treatment. The method of ozonotherapy is based on saturation of the body with oxygen. How this happens depends on the health problem: using water, massage with oil, dropper or injection. Irrigation, rinsing, drinking a physiological solution saturated with ozone is also an ozonotherapy, the indications for the application of which are very diverse.

Spectrum of the effect on the body of ozone therapywide, it is used in various fields of medicine: surgery, neurology, gynecology, dermatology, as well as in the treatment of other diseases of various etiologies. Analgesic, bactericidal, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect has ozonotherapy, reviews about the successful use of ozone sounded back in the 70s of the last century.

Ozone is a form of oxygen, but a greater oxidant,than oxygen itself. As a result, ozone oxidizes substances that are inert to oxygen. Ozone acts as a stimulator of the body's strength, saturating the cells of the blood and tissues with oxygen.
The variety of ozone therapy methods allows to apply it in all fields of medicine.

Methods of ozonotherapy

General ozone therapy:

- autohemotherapy - ozone is mixed with venous blood and injected repeatedly into the patient's vein. Or ozonize the physiological solution for intravenous administration;

- Small autohemotherapy: ozone is mixed with venous blood and injected intramuscularly.

Local ozone therapy:

- ozonoreflexotherapy (introduction of gaseous ozone under the skin);

- external methods (ozonotherapy in the form of drinking and rinsing).

For a greater effect of the procedure and treatment of certain diseases, the general methodology is combined with local methods.

Indications for use

For the treatment of alcohol dependence is usedozonotherapy. The patients' feedback confirms the high effectiveness of the treatment. The use of small or large autohemotherapy involves fasting and refraining from smoking after a session for 40 minutes. What is important, ozone treatment is combined with the use of other medications. In addiction, ozone therapy is considered the best method of detoxification.

Ozone is actively used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. After the first procedures of general ozonotherapy, a positive effect is observed, the level of glucose in the blood decreases.

In cosmetology and dermatology, the local effects of ozone or intramuscular injections are more often used. The length of treatment depends on the problem, sometimes it is advisable to conduct several procedures.

In obstetrics and gynecology in the treatmentcardiovascular diseases, in stomatology and otorhinolaryngology ozonotherapy is applied. Reviews of doctors and patients who have experienced a modern method of recovery, speak of beneficial effects on the entire body. The safety of the method confirms the successful use of ozone in obstetrics.


Despite the high efficiency of this methodtreatment, like ozone therapy, reviews of the procedure in some cases are ambiguous. Treatment with ozone has a number of contraindications. This procedure affects blood clotting, is contraindicated in patients with hemophilia or is possible with simultaneous reception of anticoagulants (aspirin). With thyroid problems, ozone therapy can also cause negative changes. Treatment with ozone is incompatible with taking alcohol, and the procedure is possible only after removing the hangover syndrome.

Before you go to the procedure for ozone treatment, make sure that the ozonator meets the necessary requirements, and consult with your doctor.

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