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How to treat tonsillitis in children

Under tonsillitis is commonly understood asa disease in which inflammation of the tonsils occurs. In all, children have six tonsils, however, when it comes to this disease, they most often imply inflammation in the palatine part of the oropharynx. Children under one year practically do not suffer from the given illness, on the contrary, it is characteristic for teenagers and representatives of preschool age.

tonsillitis in children
Why does tonsillitis occur in children?

Experts argue that the main reasonthe appearance of this disease is the presence in the body of a bacterial infection, which in turn affects the above-described palatine components. Infection occurs, usually by airborne droplets, that is, after contact with other sick peers. In addition, tonsillitis in children can also be diagnosed in the case of immunosuppression, with chronic diseases in the nasopharynx (caries, sinusitis, etc.).

First signs. Symptomatology of the disease

Tonsillitis in children is often called angina, when palatine tonsils are inflamed. AT

what is chronic tonsillitis
In this case, young patients often refusefrom food, a fairly high temperature rises (up to 38 degrees), there is general lethargy and drowsiness, in some cases an unpleasant odor from the mouth. Due to the spasm of the chewing muscles, the probability of the impossibility of opening the mouth wide is great. With external examination, as a rule, there is an increase in tonsils, as well as the appearance of light pus.

What is chronic tonsillitis and why does it occur?

With prolonged exposure to microflora ontonsils most often the disease flows into a chronic stage. The tender tissue of the tonsils is gradually replaced by rough, there are scars and plugs, the most favorable conditions for the life of bacteria are created. At a chronic stage children can complain of long headaches, lethargy, fatigue. Chronic tonsillitis in children occurs due to increased bacterial activity, and also after supercooling. Experts say that the symptoms of the disease are somewhat similar to the acute inflammation of the tonsils in the palatine part.

than to treat tonsillitis
Than to treat tonsillitis?

In acute disease, the child mustmandatory 10-day course of antibiotics. Specialists prior to the definition of the causative agent of tonsillitis, as a rule, prescribe drugs of a wide spectrum. Then, to relieve the first symptoms, antipyretic agents and anti-inflammatory drugs are used at the doctor's discretion. As for the latter, preference is usually given to a variety of sprays and tablets for resorption. In the case of chronic tonsillitis, washing of the tonsils and subsequent removal of purulent plugs are prescribed. The greatest effect can be achieved through washing and simultaneous physiotherapy. In the event that all of the above methods do not help, a full surgical removal of the tonsils using anesthesia is prescribed.

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