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Thrush in the mouth in young children: prevention and treatment with folk remedies

In medicine thrush is called candidiasis,cause its unicellular yeast of the genus Candida. This is the most common fungal disease in the world, it belongs to a conditionally pathogenic type. In young children, up to a year, thrush often occurs in the mouth. It manifests itself as an inflammatory process of the mucous membrane of the larynx or oral cavity (the surface of the tongue, the sky).

Under the influence of negative factors, yeast-like fungi instantly multiply and spread to other tissues. This infection is common in newborns.

Thrush of the oral cavity: a clinical picture in children

In the area of ​​the sky, the tongue, the inside of the cheeks andgums appear whitish plaque or spots, which after a while grow into a curious plaque or light films. If not taken immediately, the plaque acquires a yellowish or grayish tinge. The baby becomes capricious, refuses to suck his breast, his appetite disappears because of pain in the oral cavity.

The longer the process is delayed, the more difficultthere will be treatment. Self-film can not be removed, otherwise the mucous membrane can be deformed. It is better to consult a pediatrician who will prescribe the right treatment.

Thrush in the mouth: the causes of its appearance

Since newborn babies have immunityweakened, it can not control the balance of yeast and bacteria in the body. In most babies, candidiasis is observed almost immediately from the moment of birth, due to infection in the mother's birth canal. High risk of thrush development, when a nursing woman consumes foods containing many sugars, or takes antibiotics.

A child can become infected through household items(toys, nipples, bottles) or through the mother's breast. Therefore, a woman should carefully observe hygiene and after / before feeding necessarily wash her breasts. According to medical data, thrush in the mouth appears in those children who were born prematurely, were treated with antibiotics or often regurgitate milk (Candida fungi, as is known, reproduce faster in an acidic environment).

Prevention of fungal infection

There are a number of preventive measures that will help reduce the risk of developing candidiasis in a child:

  • Breastfeeding up to a year (increases immunity).
  • Proper care for the baby (sterilization of bottles, nipples, ironing).
  • Rational nutrition of a nursing woman (lack of foods with a high content of sugars).
  • Timely treatment of vaginal candidiasis in the mother.

Thrush in the mouth: treatment

In neglected cases it is better not to engage inself-medication. At the initial stage of the formation of thrush in the mouth, you can lubricate the oral cavity with nystatin. It is bred in milk (2 ml of warm milk diluted with 1 ml of nystatin). The course of treatment is about four days. You can lubricate the cavity with a 6 or 2% solution of soda several times a day.

Traditional medicine offers effective means

First, the baby should have personal diningappliances (spoon, fork, mug, plate), which must be washed after each meal and lowered for an hour in a container of soda (200 grams of boiled water, one teaspoon of soda).

After a meal, you can give your child a boiled water,literally a few sips, so that the mouth is cleaned from food. Water will not only wash away the remains of food, milk formula or breast milk, but also remove the acidic environment.

For prevention and treatment, you can lubricate the tongue,gum and the sky with honey and juice of Kalina. Mix the ingredients in 1: 1 proportions and put them on the fire, let them boil several times, then cool. Effectively helps in the fight against thrush infusion of St. John's wort, it has anti-inflammatory effect.

Whichever method you choose, first of all, you need to consult a pediatrician who will tell you whether this remedy is suitable for your baby.

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