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Maxima Colors are lenses that will make your look unique!

Maxima is a large international manufacturer of all kinds of contact lenses and related products.

Company with name

The main office is located in the UK. In 2009, the company introduced a novelty - colored contact lenses. In the Russian market, the company's products have been in existence since 1999. Maxima Colors - lenses, which allow changing the natural shade of the iris of the eye. With their help, you can dramatically change the image and add face expression.

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Technologies for guarding beauty and health

Created using spot-on technologycontact lenses Maxima Colors allow you to get a bright and natural color of the eyes. Ornament merges with a natural pattern of the iris. On the contour of each lens, a dark rim is applied to create a natural shade. The color layer is superimposed during their polymerization, so that it is inside and has no contact with the surface of the eyes.

The manufacturer offers the followingshades: sky blue, bright green, lime, pearl gray, brown-coffee. Maxima Colors - lenses for the safe creation of expressive and unique eyes. When painting, only pigments permitted by the Medical Device are used.

Internal surface of Maxima contact lensesColors are very smooth and do not irritate the cornea of ​​the eyes. Thanks to the patented technology of the Synthesis Mold System, they fit tightly to the surface of the eye, allowing you to feel comfortable while wearing. Maxima Colors are suitable for both vision correction and simply for giving color to healthy eyes. For the order, products with diopters from 0.0 to -6.0 are available. It is worth noting that for these color lenses the price is available to any buyer. The average cost of one pair is about 500 rubles. Maxima Colors (lenses) assume a scheduled replacement in one month of daily wearing.

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Recommendations for wearing colored contact lenses

Ophthalmologists do not recommend wearing colored lensesmore than three hours a day. This is due to the fact that they have an increased thickness and poorer oxygen transmission to the eye surface, compared to conventional corrective lenses. If you use any contact lenses, and color ones, especially, you need to use special drops, moisturizing the cornea. It is also necessary to use a solution intended for storage of products. It removes protein deposits and other contaminants from the surface of the lens. The storage solution must be replaced daily.

When planning to purchase colored lenses,be aware that the diameter of the pupil and the size of the unpainted central part of the firm's products may not coincide. This can cause a decrease in visual acuity, especially in poorly lit places. Therefore, wearing colored contact lenses is not recommended when driving a car or performing work that requires a high concentration of vision.

Also carriers of color lenses should beneat in the use of eye cosmetics. It is not recommended to apply a lot of mascara, decorative liner, use of oil to remove makeup. It is desirable, that on all applied cosmetic products there was a mark about passage by them of the ophthalmologic control.

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Customer Reviews

Among the main advantages of color contactlenses Maxima Colors note the naturalness and brightness of the resulting eye color. When wearing them, a frequent problem is that the natural shade of the eyes greatly affects the original color as a result. Maxima Colors (lenses) allow you to change the color of even dark eyes. Now the owners of brown and black shades can also experiment with their appearance by trying on green or blue.

Also among the positive characteristics is markedDensity of the material: these are not too thin contact lenses. Maxima Colors are easy to put on and take off without tearing. Undoubtedly, this fact pleases many customers.

However, Maxima Colors, customer testimonials confirm this, can cause dryness, redness of the eyes. Such phenomena take place to be and are a purely individual reaction of the organism.

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There are people who basically do not fitsuch products. The selection of any contact lenses, including color ones, should be carried out by an ophthalmologist. In addition to selecting the necessary diopters, the radius of curvature of the eye is determined. If the sizes do not coincide, it is fraught with the development of various complications. And, of course, adherence to the terms and rules of wearing lenses is a guarantee of health and comfort of the eyes.

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