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Treatment of pain in the hip joint

On the hip joint, as on other joints,is assigned the most important physiological function to ensure effective movement. However, its peculiarity is a close interaction with the spine and the creation of a correct posture. The functions of the joint are due to its anatomical structure. It is formed by a deep acetabulum, which is created by the bones of the pelvis, and the spherical head of the hip bone. Thus, an articulation is created that is exceptionally stable and capable of producing a variety of "multi-axis" movements simultaneously with maintaining the posture. This property allows you to keep straight, while realizing a set of activities, including walking, squatting, dancing and so on.

Violation of the interaction of constituent structurescan cause pathological changes. Treatment of pain in the hip joint includes a fairly wide range of pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods. In this case, the doctor faces the task of carrying out complex differential diagnostic measures.

Non-pharmacological treatment of pain in the hipThe joint includes different types of physiotherapy. Patients are assigned warm or cold therapy (depending on the effectiveness in each case). In addition, laser, magnetic and hydrotherapy are widely used. Such treatment of pain in the hip joint allows you to quickly enough to stop the syndrome and get remission of the disease for a long period.

Quite widely used and pharmacologicalmethods. Such treatment of pain in the hip joint involves the use of analgesics and non-steroidal drugs that have anti-inflammatory effect. It should be noted that the independent use of such medications without supervision by a specialist can lead to various pathologies or complications in other body systems. Pharmacological treatment of pain in the hip joint also involves the use of various ointments and gels. The composition of these drugs include anti-inflammatory substances that not only have a local anesthetic effect, but also contribute to reducing the doses and the number of tablets.

Since the most common cause of painis osteoarthrosis, the pharmacological therapeutic method often involves the use of glucocorticoid medications (kenalog, diprospan), which are injected into the joint if there is pain in the hip joint. Treatment with these medicines has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-shock and desensitizing effects. In addition, thanks to the use of these medicines, the duration of the effect and the speed of its onset are ensured.

In the treatment of this disease and to relieve painoften used drugs that can modify the cartilaginous structure. Alflutope, chondroitin sulfate, chondroxide, glycosamine sulfate and others should be referred to such agents. Most of these drugs are intended for oral administration.

To the latest advances in the treatment of physiologicaldisorders in the joints include drugs that replace synovial articular fluid (fermatron, duralan, noltrex and others). It is a gel-like synthetic substance with high viscosity and biological compatibility with human tissues. With their help, the viscosity of the synovial fluid can be restored. The result of their action is to reduce pain and improve mobility in the joint.

The frequent cause of pain is the pinched nerve inhip joint (sciatic nerve). In turn, it is a consequence of various diseases. This may be a hernia of the spinal discs, and inflammatory diseases in the pelvic organs. Before applying any treatment in this case, it is necessary to accurately diagnose. As a rule, massage, physiotherapy, manual therapy, electrophoresis, etc. are prescribed.

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