/ Genital age in women. What should I know?

Genital age in women. What should I know?

Reproductive age is usually calleda certain period of a woman's life, when she is able to conceive and give birth to a child. This period is approximately the same for everyone, but it may also differ somewhat due to physiological characteristics. When does the childbearing age begin and end in women?

genital age in women


The woman has the ability to have children invery young age, with the advent of menstruation. This should not be a surprise, since it is preceded by a puberty period (puberty). It begins approximately in 10-11 years and is characterized by an increase in mammary glands, the appearance of a hair cover under the armpits, on the pubis. If parents notice such changes with their daughter, they should necessarily talk with the child and explain what is happening. Proper sex education will avoid many problems in the future.

We can say that from this moment on, the sexualmaturation is completed, and the childbearing age in women has come. But do not rush with the birth of children. Physically, a girl at such a young age can become pregnant and even give birth to a baby. But this will have an extremely negative impact on her health.

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The body is not yet ready for such shocks, and the risk of serious complications (miscarriage, severe toxicosis, difficult births, premature babies) is very large.

Female genital age

Doctors do not recommend giving birth to girls under 18-19. But it is better to wait a few more years. It is at this age that the woman's organism best tolerates pregnancy and childbirth. Genital age in women lasts about 25-30 years. This period can be significantly reduced due to various chronic diseases.

It is very important to teach the girl from the very childhoodfollow yourself, regularly visit a gynecologist and observe personal hygiene. It is necessary to accustom a child to the fact that any, even the easiest disease, can affect the reproductive function. In this regard, it is not worthwhile to start diseases, but always to treat them in time. An adult woman should visit the doctor at least twice a year, even if there is no cause for concern. Some diseases occur in a latent form, so it is impossible to recognize them independently. The optimal age for delivery varies from 20 to 35 years, depending on the physical condition of the woman.

optimal age for delivery

When is it all over?

The so-called menopause occurs after 45 years. The childbearing age in women can last even further, or it may end on this. Everything happens gradually. The hormonal background changes, the process of ovulation is disrupted, menstruation stops, the oocytes cease to ripen. This whole process lasts more than one year. During this time the woman can still become pregnant and bear the child. However, there is a high probability of birth of a baby with various genetic abnormalities. In this regard, doctors recommend not to postpone pregnancy at such a late time.

The genital age of women depends on theirphysiological features. He can come very early and end at a fairly old age. This should be taken into account for married couples, and therefore after reaching a certain age, you should not stop protecting yourself.

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