/ Why does the joint of the finger hurts?

Why does the joint of the finger hurts?

The most functionally active parts of the body are,of course, fingers. Without them, it is impossible to perform simple actions, for example, pick up an object or write a word. And so there is nothing worse than the situation when the joint of the finger hurts. This not only causes discomfort, but also creates a real problem. After a painful joint can significantly limit the activity of a person, so you need to immediately seek medical help.

So, when are the joints of the fingers sore?

Causes of pain syndrome

aching joints of the fingers of the cause
Pain in the joint area can talk aboutany developing disease. And in order to correctly diagnose, you need to properly characterize these feelings. The intensity of pain, its localization and duration is important. Also draw attention to the attendant symptoms. The main reasons that the joints of the thumb are aching are the following:

  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • rizartrose;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • gout;
  • septic arthritis;
  • polyostoarthrosis;
  • stenosing ligamentitis.

Why do the joints of the fingers ache?

Very often when there is a pain syndrome inthe area of ​​the finger joints is diagnosed as "rheumatoid arthritis." This very serious disease is characterized by deformation of the cartilaginous tissue. Also, when palpation under the skin directly on the joint, you can feel dense nodules. Painful syndrome of moderate severity can be noted both constantly and periodically. With a rare exception, the pathological process develops symmetrically on both extremities.

why the joints of the fingers are sore

Another disease associated with defeatthe joints of the fingers, is gout. This disease was known in the Middle Ages. With this diagnosis, the deposition of salts in the joints is noted. As a result, the patient shows swelling and redness in the phalanges of the fingers. This leads to a partial limitation of joint mobility.

Often the reason that the joint of the finger hurtshands, is rizartrose. This disease is not rare. It is revealed in people whose profession is associated with a heavy burden on the thumb. Also for rizartroza is characterized by pronounced deformation of bone and cartilaginous tissue, which is clearly visible even without special radiographic examination.

Infectious (septic) arthritis causepathogenic microorganisms. Developing inflammation has a strong discomfort and provokes painful sensations in the phalanges. The disease is almost always accompanied by an increase in body temperature, headache, weakness and fatigue. As a rule, septic arthritis is a complication after a viral respiratory infection, most often influenza.

The joint of the finger hurts - what should I do?

the joint of the finger hurts
When there is a pain syndrome in the areaThe joints of phalanges need to be addressed immediately to the therapist. There are a number of diseases, the successful treatment of which directly depends on which stage of the disease it started. The patient will need to do an x-ray of the fingers of the hand, as well as to visit the surgeon and rheumatologist. Treatment is appointed only after receiving all the results of the tests and establishing an accurate diagnosis.

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