/ How to properly wear lenses without harm to the eyes

How to properly wear lenses without harm to the eyes

The question "How to properly wear the lens?"appears only in people who have not previously worn contact lenses.We just want to note that when buying contact lenses, the contact doctor will explain in detail and visually show how to properly wear the lenses.

The first and most important rule is clean hands. Since there is a direct contact between the fingers and the lens, there is a danger of infection in the eyes, so before you wear or remove the lens, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap; if there is no such possibility, then treat it with an alcohol-containing gel or a napkin.

Wear lenses and generally spend with them anymanipulation for hygienic reasons is better at the table in front of the mirror. In addition, you can drop the lens, and look for it to a person with poor eyesight on the floor is difficult.

So you sat at the table in front of the mirror,pre wash your hands. On the container for storage of lenses there is always a marking R and L, which means right and left. If you wear lenses with different diopters, then be careful not to confuse the lenses.

Remove the lens from the container with tweezers, puton the tip of the index finger of the right hand (or left if you are left-handed). Check that the lens is not reversed. Typically, the unextended lens has a more rounded shape and its edges point upward, while the inverted lens has a flatter shape and its edges are horizontally arranged. Inspect the lens for damage, clogs and other things.

After making sure that everything is in order, the middle fingerhands on which you hold the lens, move the lower eyelid. Point the eye up and place the lenses on the sclera, just below the level of the pupil. Now, lower your eyes and release the lower eyelid. For more accurate alignment of the lens, you can close your eyes and massage your eyelid lightly. On the second eye, wear the lens in a similar way. If you accidentally put an inverted lens, then there's nothing to worry about. The lens simply does not fix on the surface of the eye, so you can see well, and with every blink will move. Just remove the lens, rinse it in the solution and put it on again.

Someone is more comfortable to wear lenses, using botharms. In this case, the lens is also located on the index finger, the middle finger of one hand pulls back the lower eyelid, and the middle finger of the second arm raises the upper eyelid.

Now consider how to remove contact lenses. After washing hands and sitting at the table in front of the mirror, with the middle fingers of the right and left hands, we move the eyelids and use the pads of the index and thumb to remove the lens from the eye. You need to be careful not to damage the nail tissue of the eye. There is an opinion that you can not build up your nails if you wear contact lenses. However, the likelihood of damage to the eye exists and without nail extensions - it's all about the experience of wearing contact lenses.

How to properly wear the lens and remove them, describedabove, but if you wear lenses daily for many years, then you choose the most convenient way for yourself how to insert lenses. There are people who, when removing contact lenses, use tweezers. But in the first stages of wearing lenses (not important, optical or simply decorative) you need to follow the recommendations of a contact physician how to properly wear the lens.

Do not forget to regularly change the lens solution andthe lenses themselves after the period of their wearing. Observe the recommendations of the manufacturer and your doctor on the mode of wearing lenses, so as not to cause harm to your health. Use special means for cleaning contact lenses. During the day, moisten the eyes with an artificial tear so that wearing the lenses was more comfortable. Improper care of the lens can cause the growth of fungus or bacteria on the lens. And remember the main rule: to work with contact lenses - only with clean hands.

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