/ Flemming ointment. Description.

Flemming ointment. Description.

Fleming's ointment is a homeopathic remedy foroutdoor use. Has a white or yellowish color with a greenish or brownish tinge. The drug has a characteristic menthol odor.

Ointment contains glycosides, cineole, menthol, carotenoids, anethole, alpapinene. The composition of the drug includes microelements intended for the treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis, dermatitis, hemorrhoids.

Active substances of ointment: calendula, witch hazel, menthol, esculus, zinc oxide. An auxiliary component is petroleum jelly.

The drug is prescribed for external uncomplicated hemorrhoids, vasomotor rhinitis, allergic dermatitis.

Fleming's ointment has antibacterial action, improves microcirculation in tissues, improves immunity, accelerates regeneration, removes venous stasis, pains, dries, relieves itching.

When hemorrhoids ointment is applied with a cotton swab one or three times a day. Treatment is carried out within a week. If necessary, the course of treatment is repeated, but only according to the doctor's prescription.

With rhinitis, the ointment is applied to the mucous membranes of the nose two to three times a day for five minutes. You can put turuns in the nose with the drug. Duration of treatment is about 10 days.

Treatment of allergic dermatitis is to apply ointment to affected areas of the skin twice a day. The course is held for 10 days.

Contraindication to the use of ointment is increased sensitivity to the components of the drug or individual intolerance.

Side effects occur rarely, allergic reactions are possible. Under the supervision of the doctor, if necessary, with care, you can use Fleming's ointment during pregnancy.

To obtain an assessment of the effectiveness of Fleming's ointmentmore than 400 case histories of patients of both sexes aged 18-65 years who were diagnosed as "rhinitis" were analyzed. Patients complained of stuffy nose, decreased sense of smell, headache, nasal discharge, chills, sneezing, dry nose, nosebleeds.

To assess the effectiveness of Fleming's ointment treatment, the most common symptoms were taken, namely: stuffy nose, mucus in the nose and throat, decreased sense of smell, edema of the nasal concha.

All patients were prescribed Fleming's ointment,which should be taken 2 times a day. On the second day, a third of patients disappeared nasal congestion. At 5% of patients on the third day mucus from a nose has ceased to be allocated. The sense of smell resumed in three percent, one percent decreased edema. On the 4th day, all patients noted complete loss of nasal congestion. On the 6th day, all the patients had mucus discharge, on the 8th day, the sense of smell returned, on the 10th day the swelling and cyanosis of the shells of the nose completely disappeared. None of the patients complained about the side effects.

Effectiveness of ointment in the treatment of allergicdermatitis was evaluated on the basis of patient records of patients of both sexes aged 18-65 years. Patients complained of swelling of soft tissues, itching, flaking, rashes on the skin, cracks, the formation of vesicles and crusts when combing.

After taking Fleming's ointment twice a daymany patients talked about reducing edema, itching and cracks. On the 5th day, only 10% of patients had itching, 30% had rashes, 25% had cracks, and 25% had scaling. After two weeks of using Fleming's ointment, only 5% of patients had skin peeling.

No adverse reactions were reported from the patients.

To assess the effectiveness of ointments in the treatmenthemorrhoids have been studied about 300 stories of diseases of patients between the ages of 20 and 70 years. There were more women among the patients. All patients were diagnosed with "primary hemorrhoids". Almost all patients complained of pain, 80% - on unpleasant sensations after defecation, 70% had dense knots, 30% - cracks in the anus, 17% - blood on feces, 25% - stool disorders.

The patients were prescribed Fleming's ointment for applying a cotton swab once or three times a day. The course of treatment is about a week.

Within five days, 90% of the patients reported pain subsiding, and blood on feces was observed in less than one percent.

Thus, the effectiveness of the ointment was evaluated in rhinitis - 89%, with dermatitis, 79%, with hemorrhoids - 92%.

Do they prescribe Fleming's ointment to children? Some doctors allow the treatment of rhinitis ointment in children older than two years.

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