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Recommendations on how to pick up glasses

Who said that poor eyesight can prevent the creation of a fashionable and stylish image? It's enough to buy lenses, a suitable frame - and you're on your way to perfection.

A few tips on how to pick up points

1. Remember, be guided by the selection of recommendations from an ophthalmologist, and not prompted by your friends or loved ones, especially if you visited a doctor more than a year ago.

2. The shape of the product and the distance between the lenses and the eyes should be as similar as possible to the glasses you have chosen to find a more stylish replacement.

3. How to choose the right glasses, best knows the ophthalmologist. The choice should be based on instructions from the doctor. If you were satisfied with the glasses first, and then started to cause discomfort, then check the compliance with their prescription. It is better to do it in an out-patient department. If the similarity does not cause suspicion, then you must again visit the oculist with old glasses, an ophthalmologist's conclusion and a prescription written out last time. So it will be more reliable.

4. If you want to know how to pick up glasses, it's not enough to remember the diopter indicators. Sometimes it turns out that the lenses in the new glasses are different from the lenses in the old form, and you will need to spend time getting used to it. The time for adaptation is approximately two weeks, during which time the spatial appearance of objects will be distorted, and if after these days little has changed, your way back to the hospital is to the treating ophthalmologist.

5. "How to choose glasses for vision?" - those who are engaged in physical work with the risk of eye trauma are asked. For such people or children plastic lenses are produced, but do not think that they are very different from glass lenses. These are almost the same products, but plastic glasses have some advantages. For example, they are light enough and difficult to break, and therefore there are no fragments.

How to pick up glasses and look attractive?

If the appearance is especially important for you, it is worthchoose lenses with a small thickness, where the refractive index will be equal to or more than 1.7. Good glasses with neutral, brown, yellow and orange filters, protecting from brightness in sunny weather and facilitating perception in cloudy weather. They also protect the car headlights from the light. But in addition to such coatings, there are many other products that are prescribed by an ophthalmologist. Photochromic lenses are very common.

6. If you doubt how to pick up glasses, do not think of buying them from sellers who, roughly speaking, do not trust and are engaged in selling optics on the streets. Think about the quality of lenses and frames that such optics can have. Do not spare extra money and go to specialized stores, then you can almost 100% be sure that you do not "plant" eyesight, or the glasses will not crumble in a couple of days.

7. The last tip: Choose a frame without hurrying, it will emphasize not only your facial features and hair, but also the image. If you do not need bifocal and progressive glasses, it is best to choose a model with small oval horizontal lenses, the distance to the eyes when planted will be approximately 12 mm. Choose these glasses so that you do not have to constantly correct them, and they do not press on the bridge of the nose or ears.

On the form it is worthwhile to dwell a little more. Thus, a round frame will fit the square face. A round face will become more clear with a rectangular frame. Oval-shaped glasses will fit a narrow face. Take into account the rule - the brighter the frame, the more intense the makeup! The eyebrow line should be particularly clearly developed. Bulk mascara is also a good helper.

And every time you think how to pick up glasses, remember that your mood directly depends on them and you will have to make friends with them not for one year! Look at both and stay healthy!

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