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The "Strix" tool. Instructions for use

The drug "Strix" belongs to the categorybiologically active additives. For children, a special form of the drug is produced-chewable tablets. The composition of the additive includes dry extract of blueberry fruit, beta-carotene. Vitamin C, E5, zinc, selenium are also present in the Strix diet supplement. The drug has antioxidant, angioprotective, regenerating properties. Due to the complex effect of the components, vascular strengthening, visual acuity improvement, slowing of age changes in the eye tissues, elimination of visual fatigue are provided. Extract of blueberry stimulates the production of a special pigment retina - rhodopsin. Betakarotin strengthens the resistance of the eye tissues to infections, has immunostimulatory effects. Thanks to the action of vitamin C, energy is provided to the body as a whole, the effect of vitamin E and selenium is enhanced. The "Strix" agent (the instruction for use indicates this) helps to improve the adaptation of the eyes to darkness and in conditions of reduced illumination. The drug also increases blood supply in the retina.

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The "Strix" tool. Instructions. Indications

The drug is recommended for myopia of differentdegree, with the syndrome of eye fatigue against the background of a long work at the computer or while reading, diabetic retinopathy. The "Strix" tool recommends the use of the instruction in the complex treatment of primary glaucoma, in the recovery period after eye operations. Indications include peripheral and central dystrophy of the retina, disorders of mechanisms of adaptation to conditions of reduced illumination or darkness.

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For children, the Strix Kids tool is recommendedas a source of mineral substances, vitamins and anthocyanosides. The drug is prescribed to protect the visual functions of patients from four to twelve years, in connection with watching TV, a long stay at the computer, visual stress during schooling.
"Strix forte" is recommended in combination therapy of age-related eye pathologies: glaucoma, cataract, and also to eliminate the manifestation of eye fatigue.


The "Strix" tool does notadmits to prescribing to children under seven, which is due to the lack of safety information, with hypersensitivity. The drug is not recommended during lactation and pregnancy.

Dosing regimen

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"Strix" tool instructions for userecommends taking internally. Patients with seven years of age are prescribed per tablet per day. For adults, dosage is 2 tablets per day. Duration of admission is a month. The specialist may prescribe a repeat therapy in accordance with the indications. The drug "Strick Kids" is recommended for children from 4 to 6 years on a pill per day, from 7 years - on a tablet 1-2 times a day. The duration of the course is from one to three months. The "Strix forte" agent is prescribed from the age of 14 on 1-2 tablets per day. The duration of therapy is from one to three months.

The drug "Strix". Instructions. Price

The cost of the drug, depending on the dosage form, ranges from 200 to 500 rubles.

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