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"Trekresan": instructions for use. Reviews about the drug

On the use of immunomodulators goconstant disputes. Some experts are sure that such drugs can not only strengthen the body's resistance, but also increase endurance. Other doctors report that such drugs do not have proven effectiveness. In recent years, more and more often a person independently decides on the use of a medicine. This article will present you the drug Trekresan. Instructions for use, price, reviews will be described further.

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Composition and purpose of the drug

About the preparation "Trekresan" instructions for useinforms that it refers to immunomodulators. Also the agent is an adaptogen. Tablets contribute to the development of two types of interferon - gamma and alpha. The medication stimulates the work of innate and acquired immunity at the cellular level.

The composition of the described means includes the same nameactive substance - cracked - in the amount of 200 mg. The drug also contains potato starch, calcium and magnesium stearate. They are additional substances. In one package of the drug is 10, 20 or 50 tablets. Attached to each pack of the preparation "Trekresan" instructions for use. The price of the medication varies from 400 to 1000 rubles and depends on the size of the package.

Indications for use

Despite the fact that there is a detailedTo the medicine "Trekrezan" the instruction on application, it is impossible to use it independently. Undoubtedly, all doses and indications are indicated in the annotation. However, a doctor should appoint this serious medication. In the following cases, the doctor advises taking pills "Trekresan":

  • decreased immunity;
  • frequent colds with complications;
  • as a stimulant of brain and physical activity;
  • with prolonged use of antibiotics;
  • after poisoning with heavy metals, drugs and alcohol.

The described agent is also used as an auxiliary in the treatment of other diseases. Often it is recommended for influenza and viral infections.

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Important information to look out for

About the preparation "Trekresan" instructions for usesays that the medicine has its limitations in use. So, it is contraindicated to take tablets with increased sensitivity to any component (including secondary). No drug is prescribed for children under 12 years of age. In this age group, drug studies were not conducted. Do not also use the pill to expectant mothers and lactating women. If therapy is necessary, it is necessary to solve the problem of temporary cessation of lactation.

Note that tablets may haveside effects. They rarely appear under all conditions of use. However, it is worthwhile to be prepared for their possible occurrence. The medicine can cause allergies. This is reported on the instructions for use attached to the Trekrezan tablets. Analogues of the medicine in this situation are chosen by the doctor taking into account all the features of your body. It can be "Echinacea", "Apilac", "Propolis", "Isoprinosine", "Likopid" and many others.

Trekrezan: instructions for use

Depending on the patient's age and complaintsthe composition is prescribed one, two or three capsules per day. The therapy lasts from five days to two weeks. In the future, treatment can be repeated. However, it is necessary to take a break in 1-2 months.

The medication is taken orally regardless of the meal. The medicine is washed down with clean water. If the patient is not able to swallow the pill, then it can be pre-ground.

trekrezan instructions for use price reviews

Opinions about the medicine

Patients report that, before takingdescribed means "Trekresan", instructions for use should be carefully studied. Even if you are recommended by a doctor - be sure to read the summary.

Users report that aftermedicament increases immunity, work capacity. Some athletes use this drug with increased power loads. Tablets allow the body to work with greater force. It is worth noting that when using professional sports is not recommended the use of this drug, as it can show a positive result in testing for doping.

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You learned about the tablets called Trekresan. Instructions for use, price, reviews are described in the article. It is worth noting that the purchase of a medicine does not always require a prescription from a doctor. Some pharmacy chains sell it freely. However, specialists do not recommend self-medication. Use the medicine only after consulting a doctor. Health!

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