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The drug "Urotropin": instructions for use

urotropin instruction
The drug "Hexamethylenetetramine" or in another way"Urotropin" instruction characterizes as a remedy related to a group of prodrugs. The use of this combination drug has a pronounced hypotensive and antiseptic effect. Especially it should be noted that in the acidic environment of the body, the "Urotropin" agent, the instruction to which it confirms, disintegrates with the release of a special formaldehyde, which has an antimicrobial effect in urination. For this reason, concomitant medication should be taken with this medication. They should be made on the basis of components that can slightly acidify urine.

This combined preparation is produced inpresent in the form of tablets and a 40% solution intended for injection. As an active ingredient, the listed forms include methenamine.

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Take "Urotropin" tablets instructions forThe application is recommended mainly for the purpose of eliminating various infectious diseases of the urinary tract. For example, cystitis or pyelitis. Intravenously, the drug is administered for influenza, encephalitis, sepsis, meningitis, arachnoiditis and typhoid fever. With this application, the drug "Urotropin" (the instruction indicates this), due to an acid reaction directly occurring in the inflammatory focus, exhibits a pronounced antiseptic and "colloidoclastic" effect. In addition, with intravenous administration of the drug, certain shifts occur in the ionic composition of the plasma, which, in turn, activates the defenses of the organism. It is this reaction that experts explain the positive effect of this drug for various neurasthenic conditions and arteriosclerotic disorders. Among other things, use the tablets "Urotropin" instruction recommends for the treatment of gout, because, connecting, uric acid and formaldehyde form diformaldehyde-uric acid. However, in this case, the drug should be taken on an empty stomach, in order that it is not broken down in the stomach. Use this medicine is also recommended for a variety of allergic skin diseases (including polymorphic erythema and urticaria), cholangitis - inflammation of the bile duct, cholecystitis - inflammation of the gallbladder and eye diseases (iridocyclitis and keratitis).

urotropin instructions for use
The main contraindications to the appointment of thisof the drug are the individual intolerance of methenamine and the presence of hepatic renal failure. With great caution should take these tablets in case of dehydration of the body.

As for possible adverse reactions, herein the first place, it is necessary to distinguish various dyspeptic phenomena. For example, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Hematuria, albuminemia and crystalluria can also be noted as a result of taking the drug "Urotropin". The patients' comments point out the risk of urticaria, the appearance of skin rashes, soreness and redness directly at the site of the drug.

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