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Laser teeth whitening

Method of achieving whiteness in dentistry

Everyone dreams about pearl teeth, after allHollywood smile has always been considered one of the main signs of beauty. As you know, smoking or frequent consumption of food with all kinds of dyes, such as coffee, tea, chocolate, change the natural color of teeth. Thanks to the latest technologies, dentistry today successfully solves the problem of restoring the natural whiteness of teeth, using the laser method.

Laser teeth whitening - service of specialists.

It should be noted that laser bleachingis considered the most effective and fastest way to achieve whiteness, and also gives instant results for a long time. The procedure is safe for the teeth and before using it, all problems of the oral cavity should be eliminated. It can be - caries, sensitive enamel, any inflammatory process.

Laser teeth whitening, Kiev offers to allresidents of the city on a qualitative level and at fairly affordable prices. Dental clinics are equipped with modern and high-quality hardware. The process of such bleaching includes the chemical composition in the form of a gel and the action of a laser beam with minimal negative effect on the enamel of the teeth. The gel used is very active and may cause slight irritation when it comes to contact with the mucous membrane. To avoid such a moment, a liquid cofferdam is applied to the gum.

The bleaching effect of the method is thatIn carrying out this procedure, high-concentration hydrogen peroxide is used in dentistry, which is activated by a lamp that generates heat. Thus, the release of atomic oxygen is accelerated, because it promotes effective bleaching. In addition, the patient's gums are completely isolated to prevent damage. Before bleaching, doctors perform a preliminary tooth cleaning.

The procedure lasts about an hour and before the start,determine the natural tone of teeth. Teeth can be whitened to 16 shades. Experts recommend that for a couple of days to adhere to a transparent diet, that is, do not eat products with dyes. The bleaching procedure does not damage the structure of the teeth, so the risk of caries is eliminated and the teeth remain as strong and healthy as before.

Contraindications to laser whitening

Unfortunately, after the procedure can be observedthe increased sensitivity of the teeth, which passes unnoticed for 2-4 days. Contraindications to laser bleaching are people with individual intolerance of the components of the whitening gel, suffering from periodontal disease, pregnant women, children and the elderly.

Laser teeth whitening, Kiev providesthe opportunity to do in the company, which is in the top five in the city. Brushing your teeth every day, but to achieve the ideal whiteness as an attribute of beauty, you need to contact a specialist for professional bleaching.

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